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Science fiction (sci-fi or SF) explores the “what if…?” questions arising from real or imagined scientific concepts. For example, these iconic science fiction novels ask what if…

  • a doctor set out to create life from death? (“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley)
  • humans encountered an inscrutable alien artifact? (“Rendezous with Rama” by Arthur C. Clarke)
  • the Allies had lost World War II? (“The Man in the High Castle” by Philip K. Dick)
  • humans could interface directly with the Internet? (“Neuromancer” by William Gibson)
  • a genderless human society existed? (“The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. LeGuin)
  • surveillance technologies and linguistics were used to create the perfect totalitarian state? (“1984” by George Orwell)

Science fiction is a “big tent” genre with potential appeal for a wide range of readers, often incorporating elements of other genres.

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