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Fantasy Fiction


The Fantasy genre is rooted in magic and fantastical elements that cannot exist in the real world. It is an age-old form of storytelling, tracing its history to fairy tales, myths, and legends. The writer's creativity is unrestricted, bringing readers a wide scope of subgenres and genre mash-ups. 

In Fantasy, the reader is immersed in worlds filled with colorful characters that are pitted against one another in a constant struggle between good and evil. Stylistic prose, often flavored with creative language and jargon, adds depth to the settings and storylines. Stories may be set in a variety of worlds, not just new worlds full of sorcery, witches, and faeries, but even ones much like our own, with just a dash of fantasy that merges reality with magical realism.

Lisa, Reader Services Department 

Historical Fantasy

Epic Fantasy

Urban Fantasy

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