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ReadLOCAL is a Mid-Continent Public Library initiative that highlights local authors through a curated collection of books by writers living within the greater MCPL service area. The titles within this collection are published through traditional publishers, small presses, independent publishers, and self-publishing and reflect a variety of reading interests for children, teens and adults.

The only submission periods for ReadLOCAL consideration are December 1 through December 31 (or the first 50 titles submitted, whichever comes first) and June 1 through June 30 (or the first 50 titles submitted, whichever comes first). Submission of a consideration request for ReadLOCAL is not a guarantee of acceptance into the ReadLOCAL collection.  

Criteria for submitting a consideration request to the ReadLOCAL Collection:

  • The submitted work must fit within the Collection Development Policy.
  • The submitted work cannot have an original publication date older than 5 years and preference is given to authors still actively writing/publishing.
  • Only authors submitting their own works will be considered and the author must currently reside within the MCPL district or within a reciprocal service agreement district.
  • The submitted work cannot be a multi-author anthology unless all authors meet the ReadLOCAL criteria.
  • No e-pub only.
  • The submitted work must have library appropriate binding and contain no added media. 

Criteria for accepting a title for the ReadLOCAL collection includes (but is not limited to):

  • Demonstrated demand
  • Local interest
  • Professionalism
  • Objective reviews
  • Marketing and social media presence

Information on the ReadLOCAL author submission requests will be available on the MCPL website when the submission period re-opens.

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Submit Your Work to ReadLOCAL

Mid-Continent Public Library is now accepting submission requests for the ReadLOCAL collection. Unsolicited sample copies of books will not be accepted by MCPL staff nor will they be considered for the ReadLOCAL collection.

If you are interested in adding your book to ReadLOCAL, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Send an email to:
  2. The subject line should have the author’s name.
  3. The body of the email should contain the title of the book and the year it was originally published.
    • Please do not include attachments or detailed information about the book in this email.
  4. Within a week of sending a submission request, you will receive a PDF form to complete. The PDF form should be saved under your name on your computer/laptop/device/other.  
  5. Complete the form. Save it under your name and attach it to a return email.
  6. Send the completed form to:
  7. You will receive a response within 7 days that your attached submission form was received, and your book will begin the consideration process.
  8. The consideration process can take up to 90 days and you will be given a definite date by which you will receive notification on the status of your submission.

Thank you for submitting your book as a potential addition to the ReadLOCAL collection. We appreciate how hard authors work to bring their stories to the printed page, and we are excited by the interest our customers have shown in our ReadLOCAL collection.

Featured Author: Darlene Deluca


Darlene Deluca writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction and likes to explore relationships – what brings people together or keeps them apart. Her intent is to bring to life interesting characters that readers can relate to in real-life situations that combine a little fun; plenty of drama; and big helpings of friendship, love, and self-discovery, and will leave you either cheering or sighing with a satisfied smile as you turn the final page.

Darlene has been a reader and writer since childhood and began her career as a newspaper reporter. She writes day or night, whenever the words/mood/deadlines strike, and almost always has a cup of tea and a bit of dark chocolate nearby!

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