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ReadLOCAL is a Mid-Continent Public Library initiative that highlights local authors through a curated collection of books by writers living within the greater MCPL service area. The titles within this collection are published through traditional publishers, small presses, independent publishers, and self-publishing and reflect a variety of reading interests for children, teens and adults.

The only submission periods for ReadLOCAL consideration are December 1 through December 31 (or the first 50 titles submitted, whichever comes first) and June 1 through June 30 (or the first 50 titles submitted, whichever comes first). Submission of a consideration request for ReadLOCAL is not a guarantee of acceptance into the ReadLOCAL collection. 

Criteria for submitting a consideration request to the ReadLOCAL Collection:

  • The submitted work must fit within the Collection Development Policy.
  • The submitted work cannot have an original publication date older than 5 years and preference is given to authors still actively writing/publishing.
  • Only authors submitting their own works will be considered and the author must currently reside within the MCPL district or within a reciprocal service agreement district.
  • The submitted work cannot be a multi-author anthology unless all authors meet the ReadLOCAL criteria.
  • No e-pub only.
  • The submitted work must have library appropriate binding and contain no added media. 

Criteria for accepting a title for the ReadLOCAL collection includes (but is not limited to):

  • Demonstrated demand
  • Local interest
  • Professionalism
  • Objective reviews
  • Marketing and social media presence

Information on the ReadLOCAL author submission requests will be available on the MCPL website when the submission period re-opens.

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Submit Your Work to ReadLOCAL

Mid-Continent Public Library will accept the first 25 titles that fit the following criteria and are submitted to ReadLOCAL between January 3 and January 31, 2022:

  • The author lives within the Mid-Continent Public Library’s service area
  • The author is a Mid-Continent Resident or Reciprocal card holder
  • The book was published within the last 3 years
  • The book fits the collection policy and practices of Mid-Continent Public Library
  • Novella’s will not be accepted [under 100 pages for adult fiction]
  • Authors are limited to five books per submission period

Please send an email that includes library card number and address to  A response with instructions on submitting your book will be sent within 10 business days.

Featured Author: Joel Goldman


While practicing law as a trial attorney, one of Goldman's colleagues blew off some steam in his office by complaining about one of the other partners. Naturally, he suggested that they should write a murder mystery, kill the guy off in the first chapter, and spend the rest of the book figuring out who did it. That joke did more than make his friend laugh. It launched Goldman's writing career with his first legal thriller, Motion to Kill, featuring the sexy, brilliant, wisecracking attorney, Lou Mason. That was in 1992. Motion to Kill was published in 2002, making Goldman a ten-year overnight success. He wrote four more crime novels in the Lou Mason Thriller series, including the Edgar-nominated The Last Witness and Deadlocked, which was nominated for the Shamus Award and won the Thorpe Menn Award for best book by a Kansas City author in 2005.

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