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Frequently Asked Questions

Library Cards

Library Cards

Learn about the different types of cards offered by MCPL and how you can get one!

To get your library card number emailed to you, please complete the Library Card Lookup form.

Library Materials

Library Materials

Learn more about using MCPL's physical collection as well as how to request MCPL add books and other items to our collection.

Online Catalog

Online Catalog

Learn about using MCPL's online catalog!

Customer-Use Equipment

How do I use a copier at the library and how much does it cost?

Library copiers print either in black and white for $.10 per page, or in color for $.50 per page. The copiers are also capable of scanning images to a USB drive, and this service is free of charge.

How much does it cost to print from a computer?

The charge for printing is ten cents ($.10) per page for black and white and fifty cents ($.50) per page for color for items printed outside the MCPL domain. Customers may not bring in their own paper for printing documents (resumes, etc.) due to possible jams in the printer or confusion with the print queue.

Can I print documents from my mobile personal device?

Yes! You may print documents from your mobile personal device (such as a laptop, iPad, etc...) at our branches. Follow the directions on our Mobile Device and Remote Printing page. The costs associated with printing from a computer also apply to printing from a mobile personal device. Print jobs are discarded by the system if printing is not completed within 8 hours.

Can I send or receive a fax at the library?

You can send faxes from the library, but not receive them. The cost for sending a fax is $1.75 for the first page and $1.00 for each subsequent page faxed within the United States. International faxes cost $3.95 for the first page and $3.45 for each subsequent page. Credit/debit card is the only accepted method of payment.


Why are there multiple libraries in Kansas City?

Depending on how you define “Kansas City” there are many libraries that serve Greater Kansas City.  On the Kansas side, Johnson County Library, Olathe Public, and Kansas City Kansas Library serve most of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties.  On the Missouri side, all libraries are independent political subdivisions, not unlike a school district.  Serving Cass, Clay, Jackson and Platte Counties you will find the Cass County Library, Kansas City Public Library, North Kansas City Public Library and Mid-Continent Public Library.  Like school districts, all the libraries have unique boundaries and do not overlap.  For instance, if you live in Kansas City north of the river, one does not pay taxes to both KCPL and MCPL.

Kansas City Public Library is the oldest public library in the region and is about 90 years older than Mid-Continent Public Library.  Until the late 1980s, Kansas City Public Library was part of the Kansas City School District.  Consequently (and with a minor exception) the Kansas City Public Library District still follows the Kansas City School District boundary.  This close relationship between the Kansas City School District and the Kansas City Public Library made it very difficult for the two libraries to collaborate.

More recently, the two libraries have grown to develop different strengths in an attempt to complement rather than compete.  In addition, the two libraries have worked very hard to eliminate barriers to services so that people living in the KCPL district can use MCPL resources and vice versa.  The goal of both libraries is to provide excellent library service, to the people of the region.  Over the next few years, the libraries of Greater Kansas City will be working on new cooperative efforts to further strengthen collaboration among the libraries and to provide even better services to the people of the region.

Does the library offer Wi-Fi access if I bring in my laptop?

Yes, all of our branches offer Wi-Fi access.

Which days are the library branches closed?

Most library branches are open seven days a week. All branches are closed on certain holidays. For specific location information, see Locations page.

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