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Privacy Policy

Mid-Continent Public Library is committed to protecting the privacy of our patrons, customers, donors, and friends. We believe that privacy is essential to the exercise of free speech, free thoughts, and free association, and we have created this Privacy Policy so that you can learn what the Library does with your information. By using the Library’s services, including its website, and by communicating with the Library, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy. This policy may change from time to time, and we encourage you to check it periodically.

General Information Gathered

The Library uses a variety of third-party services and general server logging tools to enhance security, assess interest and usage of various Library services, count users, and assess the success of promotional campaigns. These services are generally in place on most pages on and the online catalog hosted by Bibliocommons. Other online services used by the Library may use the same or similar tools for similar purposes, including research databases and the Beanstack website used for the Summer Library Program  and the Winter Reading Challenge.

Personal Information

Individuals may choose to submit their names, email addresses, postal addresses, or telephone numbers in order to receive Library services, such as registering for an Access Pass (Library card), ordering materials, receiving personal responses to questions, or being added to specific email newsletters. The Library does not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute information to outside companies or organizations unless legally required to do so. For example, Library records may be subject to disclosure to law enforcement officials under provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act, and librarians may (under some circumstances) be forbidden from disclosing that certain records have been requested or obtained.

Members of the public may be mentioned by name on the website; for example, in public meeting agendas and minutes, Library event descriptions or photos, as bidders on public projects, or as contributors to webpage content. If identified at all, children are mentioned by first name or name of school/group only.

Personally identifiable information is removed from event registrations and room reservations as soon as is permissible for public agencies under the guidance of the Missouri Secretary of State for data retention.


Cookies are small text files placed on user computers by a website to enable customization of individual visits. Some Library electronic services, such as the Library Catalog and remote databases, place temporary cookies for current sessions. These cookies do not capture personal information or compromise visitor privacy and are deleted when sessions are ended. Visitors can refuse the cookie by using instructions provided in browsers, which may result in an inability to access some Library services from computers outside the Library.

Children's Privacy

The Library is very concerned about the issue of children's privacy. We ask all children using services on our website or on websites affiliated with the Library to limit the amount of personal information they provide. We do not ask for more personal information from children than is necessary to participate in the activity in question.

We encourage all parents and guardians to learn about their children's online activities and to join in their children's exploration of the internet. We also encourage parents and caregivers to tell their children about the importance of: (i) not revealing personal information online and (ii) asking for permission before giving their last name or personal information to any website.

We want to help parents and guardians make sure that their children have a safe and fun online experience. For this reason, we ask parents or guardians to give their online or written consent before we collect personal information from any child who is under 13 years old. We will also remove your child's personal information from our site at your request. Contact us by phone at 816.836.5200 or email to request that we remove your child's information. 

Third-Party Partners

The Library has teamed up with reputable third-party partners to provide certain online services to its patrons, such as Homework Help, OverDrive eBooks, and Summer Library Program. The information you submit to the Library may be provided to those third parties on a confidential basis so they can assist us in providing these services. In cases where patrons leave the Library's website to visit one of its partners' websites, they are encouraged to learn about the privacy policies of the websites they visit.

Outside Websites

The Library's website includes selected links to outside sites. Those websites may have different privacy statements, and the Library's notice does not apply. The Library is not responsible for protecting personal information gathered by outside websites. See the Acceptable Use Policy listed above.


Mid-Continent Public Library has taken reasonable steps to safeguard the integrity of its data and prevent unauthorized access to information it maintains, including but not limited to authentication, monitoring, and auditing. Security measures have been integrated into the design, implementation, and day-to-day practices of the entire operating environment as part of its continuing commitment to risk management. These measures are intended to prevent corruption of data, block unknown or unauthorized access to our systems and information, and to provide reasonable protection of private information in our possession.   

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