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Employee Recognition Awards

The Maggie Jackson Community Spirit Award is presented annually to an employee who demonstrates passion for their community through their work at Mid-Continent Public Library. This award is dedicated to the memory of Maggie Jackson, a long-time MCPL staff member at the Liberty Branch, who embodied these qualities and whose spirit continues to inspire others.

Do you know a Library staff member who is dedicated to outreach and creates meaningful community connections beyond the Library’s four walls?

Library customers are encouraged to nominate an MCPL employee who is committed to improving the quality of their community and goes above and beyond to do so. Use the form below to nominate the staff member you think deserves the 2024 Maggie Jackson Community Spirit Award. Please be descriptive and use specific examples if you can. Nomination deadline is Tuesday, April 30, 2024.


John Ferguson Legacy Award for Outstanding Library Service

The John Ferguson Legacy Award for Outstanding Library Service exists to honor a MCPL employee who exemplifies the values we hold as a system: intellectual freedom, fairness, and integrity. Nominations are submitted by MCPL staff. The 2023 award winner is Richard Gath, Assistant Manager at the Buckner Branch. Rick received the following nomination from a colleague:

“Rick has always been highly committed to creating safe and creative environments for his team and his community to feel welcome at the library. While Rick has served many communities for MCPL, he has in his current role at Buckner shows that he is a steady and reliable pillar of the library system. He has spent time learning about Buckner and serving as they need and want to be served. He has provided invaluable mentorship to his fellow Assistant Managers across the system and develop several peers that have gone on to the role of Branch Manager. Rick dedicates his time and energy into providing a positive energy regardless of whatever situations he faces. When he is presented with a challenge or asked to assist others he does not hesitate to adapt and overcome any obstacles. Above and beyond all other things, Rick would never believe that he deserves recognition for any of his talents or heavily weighted efforts. His humility and determination to raise up those around him before he raises himself is most touching trait. He tries to be a mirror that shines people's light back at themselves, but he does not understand that he is the light. I nominate Rick knowing that I owe him much, and there is no one I can think of that is more deserving of being recognized for the example he sets for our system.”

Maggie Jackson Community Spirit Award

The Maggie Jackson Community Spirit Award honors a MCPL employee who is committed to improving the quality of their community by going above and beyond in their daily work. Nominations are submitted by members of the community. The 2023 Maggie Jackson Community Spirit Award winner is Abigail Douglas, Assistant Manager at the Excelsior Springs Branch. Abigail has received the following nomination from a customer at the Excelsior Springs Branch:

“Abigail's dedication to outreach is impressive. She regularly organizes events outside of the library that bring people together and create meaningful connections. For example, she works with the school district and other local organizations to foster reading in the community's youth. Through her efforts, people who may not have otherwise engaged with the library were able to participate in a shared reading experience and connect with one another. Abigail also works tirelessly to make the library itself a welcoming and inclusive space. She has helped to implement a variety of programs that cater to different age groups and interests, including storytimes, book clubs, and technology classes. She always seeks out feedback from library patrons and incorporates their suggestions into her programming.”

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