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Trail Conduct Policy

Trails are open from dawn to dusk daily. MCPL does not recommend using the trails when closed. People using the trails when closed or during inclement weather do so at their own risk and may be considered trespassing. All trail users are expected to carry a mobile phone for their own safety. Children under the age of six must be supervised by someone 14 or older.

Failure to comply with MCPL’s established rules and regulations may result in permanent expulsion from the property and/or in arrest and prosecution. The following actions are prohibited:

  • Leaving the trail.
  • Approaching wildlife, even if on the trail itself.
  • Vehicles and horses are prohibited on the trails.
  • Any behavior that is disruptive to MCPL customers or staff.
  • Smoking, using tobacco products of any kind, or possessing any open flame.
  • Selling and soliciting for services, money, or items.
  • Possessing a weapon of any kind, unless authorized by law.
  • Theft or damage of Library property.
  • Litter or failing to pick up animal waste.
  • Possessing, consuming, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Trespassing on MCPL property.
  • Any other conduct that violates Federal, State, or local law, ordinance, regulation, or MCPL policy.

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