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The Will of Missouri: The Life, Times, and Influence of Alexander William Doniphan


Who is the most well-known Missourian? Might it be Sheryl Crow or Brad Pitt? How about the most influential Missourian? Maybe it is Harry Truman or Chuck Berry? Alexander William Doniphan is perhaps the least well-known yet simultaneously most influential Missourian.

Doniphan was dedicated to the rule of law, even when standing for this principle was not the popular opinion for people of the day. Doniphan believed in the value of education and helped establish one of the first colleges in the western frontier. Doniphan's military exploits remain extraordinary to this day.

To celebrate the Missouri Bicentennial the Alexander Doniphan Committee sponsored a community writing project to chronicle the life, the times, and the influence of this incredible yet little-known Missourian.

This book was released to coincide with the Missouri Bicentennial and State of Stories programming offered through Mid-Continent Public Library and its mission-enhancement project, The Story Center.  

The Will of Missouri… was published by Woodneath Press in January 2021 and can be purchased on Amazon.

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