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Life's Too Short for Anything but Love


Life's too short... for instant coffee, to hang onto a grudge, not to pray, for anything but love.

"In almost every generation of preachers, a few voices rise to the level of representing the best of that generation. Robert Lee Hill is such a voice. I am reminded of something Frederick Buechner once said, 'Inspirational books are usually for the birds.' He was referring to the sappy quality of many writings that are intended to be inspirational. In the case of Life's Too Short for Anything but Love, Buechner would be wrong. This collection truly inspires—in the root sense of helping readers feel (and want to join) the movement of the spirit of life. It does so because it is rooted in a deep, honest, probing approach to life. Hill's sensitivity ranges from the poignant and most touching to the highest moments, and includes a generous (and always appropriate) sense of humor."
–Ronald Allen, Professor of Gospels and Letters, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana

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