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A Little Touch of Magic

A Little Touch of Magic book cover

Rowan Finnegan’s father is currently in jail for stabbing a police cruiser 15 times. She knows her father and three aunts are fairies, but if the townspeople of Fairhaven, Oregon, find out the truth Rowan can only imagine that it will end in torches and pitchforks. Protecting her family’s secret while surviving eighth grade is all Rowan can think about until a new danger threatens her family and her town. 

Pulled deeper into her family’s secret world, Rowan relies on her wits and the help of two friends: Elwood, an ancient pooka who takes the form of a rabbit, and Pip Watts, the only ordinary friend Rowan has ever had. Together they navigate a world that bridges the space between the mundane and the fantastic in an adventure that tests the bonds of family and the limitations of goodness.

Enter this whimsical world created by debut novelist Marian Rakestraw and discover a little touch of magic for yourself.

A Little Touch of Magic was published by Woodneath Press in February 2021 and can be purchased on Amazon and wherever books are sold. 

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