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Mindfulness Helpers

Mindfulness Helpers

December 23, 2022

Let’s face it: winter can be tough. Whether it’s stressing over the holidays with family or fighting the winter blues, these cold months sometimes feel like they will never end. In an effort to focus more on self-care during these chilly months, I have been exploring the practices and benefits of mindfulness for a few years now.

Mindfulness is sort of an umbrella term encompassing meditation, breathing exercises, or any other activity that helps you focus on the present moment. The aim of mindfulness is to help us slow down, look at the world more objectively, and relax.

Recently I found myself looking to my mobile app store for apps that might help me with my practice. There are so many mindfulness apps available that it can be overwhelming, especially for a beginner, to try to sort through them all.

Now you can check out a wide variety of free mindfulness apps before you even click the download button! For the last few months, I’ve been sharing my journey through various apps in a “Mindfulness Helpers” series on our MCPL360 Facebook page and MCPLMO YouTube channel.

Information on the next mindfulness premiere, as well as all of the upcoming virtual consumer technology programming, can be found on the MCPL Events page. Videos of our previous virtual programs can be watched on the MCPLMO YouTube channel at any time after they premiere, and we even have a new Mindfulness playlist to make finding this series even easier.

For those who prefer to learn through reading, the Library’s catalog is full of mindfulness resources as well!

Anna C.
Consumer Technology Specialist

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