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Blue Ridge Branch

Closing date: March 20, 2021

Reopening date: November 29, 2021

The Blue Ridge Branch reopened November 29, 2021. 

Library Rededication Event

Friday, March 18, 2022

The Blue Ridge Branch opened November 29, 2021. Due to COVID, we were unable to hold opening ceremony and events at that time.

Please join Library leaders and local officials at 9 a.m., March 18, for a rededication ceremony and to celebrate the Blue Ridge Branch. 

Fine forgiveness token - "Welcome back to your library!"

All visitors to the Blue Ridge Branch Friday through Sunday will receive a $10 fine forgiveness token. 

Blue Ridge Branch Scavenger Hunt

Goosechase app logo

Join the Blue Ridge Branch Mobile Scavenger Hunt March 18–27 using the free GooseChase app. Score more than 1,000 points and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Big Momma’s Restaurant.

Your New Library Experience Is Here!

We are pleased to inform you that the new Blue Bridge Branch reopened November 29, 2021, and included the following renovations:

  • New community and meeting rooms
  • New lighting, paint, carpet, and ceilings
  • Automatic entrance doors
  • Enhanced entry and native landscaping
  • New signage and display cases
  • Updated furniture 

This project is part of the Library’s Capital Improvement Plan, which is made possible by funds from Proposition L. The architects are SAPP Design (Springfield, MO) and Helix Architecture and Design, Inc. (Kansas City, MO), and the construction firm for all projects is JE Dunn.

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