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Mission and Plan

Mission Statement

Mid-Continent Public Library’s mission is to enrich our citizens and communities through expanding access to innovation, information, ideas, and inspiration.

Vision Statement

Mid-Continent Public Library will provide the best library experience in North America.

Who We Are

Mid-Continent Public Library is a consolidated library district and tax-supported political subdivision that serves nearly 800,000 people in the greater Kansas City metro area. The Library is governed by a 12-member Board of Trustees, which includes four representatives from each of the three counties in its district—Clay, Jackson, and Platte. For over 50 years, MCPL has been striving to provide customers with the best possible library experience.

Strategic Plan

The latest Mid-Continent Public Library Strategic Plan is available in portable document format (PDF):

Library Director's Goals

Each year, the Library Board and Library Director establish several goals to ensure the Library continues to work toward completion of the current strategic plan. Below you will find a link to the Library Director's current goals.

Library Director's 2021 Goals

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