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How to Use Statista for Data Analysis and Research

How to Use Statista for Data Analysis and Research

July 1, 2024

Mid-Continent Public Library is excited to subscribe to a new online resource focused on understanding demographic data in the United States and worldwide. Statista can be used to understand market trends, run reports on hot topics, and provide insight into daily data. This resource offers a wide variety of datasets, graphs, and other visual aids to understand complex issues.

If you’re a data nerd, you’ll find yourself diving into a deep rabbit hole of information. It’s easy to lose track of time, clicking and exploring all the information made available. The reports offer a depth of knowledge catered to your search. Insights offer a guide to markets, customers, and e-commerce trends. Daily Data offers tons of visualized information and topical graphs on current events.

Are you interested in social media trends and their impact on human relationships? There’s a section dedicated to TikTok trends and its relationship with the national government.

Do you want to learn how many McDonalds exist worldwide? The global revenue of Starbucks? That information is at your fingertips with Statista. Whether you’re a business owner, a prospective owner, a marketing professional, or a student, you will find something new and exciting to include in your research.

Statista even offers a new AI feature that helps organize complex data in a way that will save you time. With this new tool, you can gain insight into the importance of understanding your audience during a marketing campaign or figure out a market driver.

Statista is a great addition to our other online Business, Marketing, and Data Analytics resources. Use it with our diverse collection to conduct research quickly and effectively.

Other resources available  Dive deeper into the world of data science with Kaggle. Access datasets, collaborate with peers, and participate in competitions to hone your analytical skills through this website and resource.

Udemy Business: Build new skills through courses on artificial intelligence, statistics, data organization, and optimization. From beginner tutorials to advanced techniques, there's something for everyone.

MCPL’s Nonfiction Book Collection: Explore our Library's nonfiction collection for books on business, marketing, and educational analysis.

Square One: Learn from the Square One team through scheduled events or by arranging a one-on-one session. Kelly, Nita, and Chloe are ready to help you with your small business or career search. They’re the experts you need!

Explore diverse datasets and national or global trends through Statista’s reports, market insights, or specifically tailored statistics. It’s an excellent resource to have in your back pocket!


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