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The Animal Kingdom comes to MCPL!

The Animal Kingdom comes to MCPL!

July 3, 2024

Do you want to beat the heat? Do you want to have fun, laugh, sing along, meet live animals, and discover incredible things about animals? Do you want to liven up your Summer at MCPL?

I’ve got some fun tips and events for you.

  • Inspiring Scales: Learn about our reptilian friends and maybe meet some with the help of EpicStyle.

  • Stories and Tails: At select locations, join the Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium for this fun and animal-filled adventure. Meet our extraordinary Animal Ambassadors, engage with hands-on artifacts, and hear some of the fun myths and legends that have surrounded animals.

  • Nature Detectives: Missouri Amphibians: Hop to the Library and learn about frogs and toads.

Tip: Register online as spots fill up quickly.

Perhaps you would rather listen to music about our animal friends. I’ve got you covered there too.

  • Take a trip to Australia with the Didgeridoo Down Under Musical Adventure. Enjoy the sounds of animals, unique instruments, and tales of Darren and his DDU friends.

  • Rock it out with Mr. Stinky Feet and his Tail-Rocking Tales. From bugs to dinosaurs, Jim Cosgrove brings his rock-and-roll, laughter-filled concert that will surely have your little critter singing along.

  • Wildheart’s Wild Tales shares through songs and stories how parent animals teach their babies about the world around them and how to survive.

  • Catch a spaceship or a UFO (perfect for UFO day) to Outer Space with award-winning Children’s songster and teacher Dino O’Dell for Telling Tales in Outer Space: Our Solar System.

Are you still craving more stories, tails, and furry friends to sate your beastly appetites for Summer at MCPL?

  • Meet the Imagination Peddler and discover what sort of tails…err, tales they have in their Spectacular Suitcase of Stories.

  • Join us at select branches for Camping Yoga, where you will become the animals! From crickets to snakes, bears to bees, unleash your inner animal at the Library through Yoga.

  • Why are animals a certain way? In her Wild Adventure Tales, storyteller Georgia and her pals share how certain animals gained these traits.

  • Lastly, would you like to send your favorite Stuffie friend on an adventure? They will even share their story with you themselves. How? That is the magic of the Library and bringing your animal friend to a Stuffed Animal Sleepover Drop-Off and morning-after events. Follow the link for further details.

If you can’t make it to the Library, check out these great free resources on our website:

  • TrueFlix, where you can do fun activities, watch videos about the major animal kingdom species: fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, and discover more than you thought you knew.

  • Are you interested in learning about a career working with animals or finding out even more? Check out ScienceFlix. You can discover a ton of cool things about conservation, such as endangered species, aquatic animals, and dinosaurs.

  • Do you want more fun games, writing prompts, puzzles, and crafts that you can print off and do yourself at home? Check out over 6,000 fun things to do that are all Animals at Scholastic Teachables!

As always, the Library is here for you. If you want to see new events, have questions, comments, or concerns, or suggest a title, please let us know! We appreciate your feedback and hope you have a roaring summer at Mid-Continent Public Library.

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