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Online Resources for Back to School

Student Resources for Kids, Kids at the Library

August 7, 2023

As the summer draws to a close, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming school year. One essential aspect of this preparation is ensuring that children have access to engaging and inspiring books that will ignite their love for reading. MCPL has a variety of resources that can help teachers, parents, and caregivers find the perfect books for young readers. In this blog post, we will explore some of these resources and highlight how they can contribute to a successful back-to-school transition.

  • Book Connections: Book Connections is an invaluable resource that allows users to explore a wide range of juvenile and teen series. By browsing the collection or using the advanced search feature, users can discover comprehensive information about various series, access exclusive recordings with the authors, and other activities.
  • NoveList K-8 Plus: NoveList K-8 Plus is an excellent tool for both teachers and parents. This database offers basic and advanced searches of children's and teen titles, which can be further filtered by series. The platform provides valuable insights into each book, including summaries, age recommendations, and awards.
  • ScienceFlix: ScienceFlix provides interactive science resources for children. It offers engaging videos, articles, project ideas, and experiments to spark their curiosity and deepen their understanding of scientific concepts.
  • World Book Kids: World Book Kids is an online encyclopedia designed for young learners. It provides access to age-appropriate articles, images, and activities to support research and exploration across various subjects.
  • CultureGrams: CultureGrams offers a comprehensive collection of cultural information from around the world, allowing children to explore different countries and regions, learn about their customs, traditions, and daily life, and even try out recipes!
  • Opposing Viewpoints: Opposing Viewpoints is a platform that presents diverse perspectives on current issues and topics. It helps high-school students develop critical thinking skills by examining multiple viewpoints and understanding different sides of an argument.
  • Bloom’s Literature: Bloom's Literature is a comprehensive database that provides in-depth analysis, summaries, and criticism of literary works, including novels, plays, poems, and more. It helps readers gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of literature.
  • Access World News is a powerful research tool that grants access to a vast collection of global news sources, including newspapers, magazines, and broadcast transcripts.
  • Live Homework Help from Live Homework Help connects students with expert tutors for live, one-on-one help with homework assignments. Use Live Homework Help from your home computer or inside the Library to complete your homework assignments and improve your grades.

To explore these resources and access additional back-to-school educator resources, please visit here. Remember, a world of adventure and knowledge awaits at the library!

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