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Storytelling Resources


The Digital Storytelling Center of Kansas City supports the development and expansion of multimedia, story-based products and services in the central Midwest region.
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Transformative Language Arts

The TLA Network brings together and lifts up individuals and organizations that promote forms of the spoken, written, and sung word as a tool for personal and communal transformation.
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Uptown Arts Bar

The Uptown Arts Bar is dedicated to performing arts in Kansas City, presenting original, unjuried, and uncensored art every day of the week.
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Overflow Storytelling Lab

The Overflow Storytelling Lab produces multimedia content to accelerate the adoption of ideas. Using expertise in story structure and behavioral change, Overflow specializes in launching strategic initiatives, speaker development, and propelling social causes.
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Missouri Writers' Guild

The Missouri Writers' Guild provides workshops, networking opportunities, market information, contests, and many other activities to assist writers in developing their careers.
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The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole is a visionary center for children's literature, chartered to create new and extraordinary experiences that will change lives and revitalize the culture of reading for generations to come.
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Folk Alliance International

Folk Alliance International nurtures, engages, and empowers the international folk music community—traditional and contemporary, amateur and professional—through education, advocacy, and performance.
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