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Storytelling Certificate Program

The Story Center’s Storytelling Certificate Program is a continuing education series for storytellers of all mediums. This program is offered through Mid-Continent Public Library’s Story Center in partnership with Metropolitan Community College—Maple Woods (MCC—Maple Woods). It has been made possible by funding from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

There are two study tracks for which participants can earn a Storytelling Certificate:

  • Written Storycrafting
  • Oral Storytelling

Each study track requires students to complete a total of 18 workshops in order to earn their Storytelling Certificate. All others will be offered in person at the Woodneath Library Center. Progress in the Storytelling Certificate Program will be tracked by The Story Center staff, and participants can contact with any questions.

Earning a Storytelling Certificate can take anywhere from a year or more, depending on an individual student’s pace. There is no time limit by which students must complete all their workshops to earn the certificate. Within each study track (written or oral), participants will have the option to choose an emphasis area. For example, Written Storycrafting students may choose “Fiction – Traditional Publishing” as their area of emphasis.

Participants are encouraged to begin their Storytelling Certification journey by attending the prerequisite workshop Readings for Writers for the written track or Tales for Tellers for the oral storytelling track. If the prerequisites are not currently scheduled, please check back for updated times. While starting with the prerequisite is encouraged, Storytelling Certification workshops taken prior to attending the prerequisite workshop will count towards completion.

Storytelling Certificate Program FAQs:

Who can participate in this program?

The certificate was designed for adult and teen participants, with workshops scheduled at night and on weekends for convenience. The program is open to those in the MCPL service area and beyond. Participants do not have to be MCPL cardholders.

What is the benefit to completing this program?

Participants will benefit from personal growth and learning, as well as by developing real-world skills that are applicable to a number of fields. In addition, there are a variety of community and networking opportunities and the opportunity for sharing and feedback. Upon completion, storytellers will receive a non-credit certificate documenting the completion of the program from Metropolitan Community College as well as incentives such as the opportunity to attend a local vendor fair and showcasing opportunities.

Can I still attend Story Center programs even if I don’t want to earn the certificate?

Absolutely. These workshops may be taken à la carte or in pursuit of a certificate.

What type of credit do I earn for participating? Do I earn college credit?

Although this program does not provide college credit, participants will be awarded a non-credit certificate from Metropolitan Community College (MCC) upon completion. The student can also request a non-credit transcript from MCC, which can be turned in to professional organizations for consideration toward continuing education hours.

How long will this program take me to complete?

While someone could complete the program in a year, most participants will take a little longer to complete the required 18 workshops. The good news is that you can take as long as you need to complete the certification process as there is no deadline.

How much does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to attend programs or receive the certificate.

Do I have to take the workshops in a particular order?

While starting with the prerequisite is encouraged, Storytelling Certification workshops taken prior to attending the prerequisite workshop will count towards completion.

What are the available emphasis areas?

Written Storytelling

  • Fiction- Traditional Publishing
  • Fiction- Self Publishing
  • Nonfiction- Traditional Publishing
  • Nonfiction- Self Publishing

Oral Storytelling

  • Personal Storytelling
  • Organizational Storytelling
  • Traditional Storytelling

Who teaches the workshops?

Our facilitators include publishers, agents, writers, and tellers. We select working professionals that are known as experts in their field—whether that is a New York Times bestselling author or a nationally celebrated performer.

What type of homework is assigned during this program?

Participants will create original content throughout the program. For more information, please contact The Story Center Program Manager at or by calling 816.883.4900.

How and when do I sign up for the program?

At any Storytelling Certification workshop, let The Story Center workshop facilitator know that you plan to go through The Storytelling Certification and they will provide you with all of the necessary information.

Where do I go to see a complete list of available workshops?

Information pertaining to our workshops can be found online, on The Story Center Facebook page, in the Library’s Beyond the Books quarterly publication, or in The Story Center's Access Guide (available at most local MCPL branches, including the Woodneath Library Center).

How do I register for individual workshops?

You can sign up online, in person at Woodneath Library Center, or call Woodneath Library Center at 816.883.4900 during branch business hours.

For more information about the Storytelling Certificate Program, email or call 816.883.4900 and ask to speak with a Story Center staff member.

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