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Tries: Mango Languages—Final Thoughts

Tries: Mango Languages—Final Thoughts

November 7, 2022

Hello and welcome back to another Tracy Tries! If you don’t remember, or if this is your first Tracy Tries blog, let me recap: I am trying different resources that MCPL offers, and I’m currently enrolled in the Korean course offered by Mango Languages.

After using Mango Languages for 90 days, I can honestly say that I like it. I mentioned before that I am a slow learner, and this app allows me to learn at my own pace. Each unit is broken down into chapters, which makes learning easier. I found that I didn’t progress through many of the units because I was retaking chapters as needed. I retook every chapter within a unit at least once. I know watching them one time may work for others, but I need the repetitiveness.

Our internet went down at the house for a bit, and I found out that you can download the chapters to access offline. This was incredibly handy! All I had to do was connect to the Wi-Fi at my local MCPL branch and tap download all. Once they downloaded, I was set to access them offline until our Wi-Fi came back up!

My biggest desire is for Mango to utilize a learning streak. This initially caused me to keep forgetting to complete a unit every day. However, I eventually decided to mentally tie this to the second app I’m using that uses a learning streak. This helped me to remember to complete both at the same time, so I didn’t lose my streak.


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