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Celebrating Ann Rule—A Queen of True Crime

Celebrating Ann Rule—A Queen of True Crime

September 30, 2022

As “Spooky Season” approaches, many individuals turn to the horror genre of films and books to make their experience during this time of year extra spooky! While there are certainly some spine-tingling aspects of horror films and novels, many of the most frightening stories are steeped in reality. True crime, as it is popularly referred to, is both fascinating and terrifying.

The human condition is jarringly expansive, as well as unpredictable, and true crime writers have their work cut out for them. They are tasked with condensing the shocking facts and seemingly endless pieces of the puzzle that fragment around notorious, unsolved, or ongoing crimes—a hefty feat for law enforcement, let alone an investigative writer with limited resources! However, readers clamor and adore true crime writers, and rightfully so.

One of the most excellent writers to successfully depict true crime in print celebrates a birthday during “Spooky Season”—author Ann Rule, the queen of true crime! While there have been other true crime authors throughout the decades, it was Ann who became one of the most prolific chroniclers of her time, having written 35 bestsellers (all still in print!). Although her talent speaks for itself, many readers were interested greatly in her relationship with infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.

In her book The Stranger Beside Me, Ann described in detail how a man she thought was a decent person and kind coworker ended up having one of the most twisted criminal minds ever recorded. This personal connection, as well as her added insight from serving as a police officer for the Seattle Police Department, helped to shape a fascinating true crime classic.

Although she passed away in 2015, her legacy is reflected in the enthralling works of such writers as Erik Larson and Jon Krakauer. In fact, we’ve specially made a list of true crime reads that celebrate her work—Ann Rule: The Queen of True Crime and Her Legacy.

If your appetite for true crime is ravenous, MCPL is ready to provide you with a feast of material—both in our digital library and in print!

Kayla V.
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