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Book Review: Amari and the Night Brothers

Book Review: Amari and the Night Brothers

February 8, 2022

Amari Peters is a true magician. Nobody knows this, not even Amari. She is about to be sucked into a magical world that will show her true identity to a world she didn’t even know existed. B. B. Alston’s debut middle-grade novel is already a hot property, with a movie in the works and glowing reviews from the likes of Angie Thomas and Nic Stone.

Amari just lost her scholarship to a prestigious private school. Her brother, Quinton, is also missing. Things seem to be falling apart, until Amari discovers a secret message inviting her to a special camp that will unlock her full potential.

Amari discovers that Quinton is a major hero in the magical world, and has been working with Maria Van Helsing, descendant of the famed vampire hunter and slayer of Night Brother, Vladimir. Quinton and Van Helsing, known together as VanQuish, have imprisoned another Night Brother, Dr. Moreau. But it’s Moreau who might hold the truth of Amari’s brother’s disappearance. If Amari wants to find Quinton, she will have to come face to face with the most evil magician in all the world.

With breakneck pacing and real-world parallels (and a few mermaids, dwarves, yetis, and weredragons for good measure), this supernatural mystery will be perfect for fans of Harry Potter or A Wrinkle in Time. The sequel is set to be released April 2022.

Michael W.
Youth Services Department

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