Specialist FAQs

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Specialist FAQs

Square One Specialist Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 1-on-1 consultation?

Do you have questions about how the Library can help with your business, what kind of resources are available, or how exactly you can use the Library? Then you should consider making a 1-on-1 appointment with a Business Specialist or Business Librarian. After emailing one of the business staff members, you will receive a few preliminary questions and instructions on what to bring to the meeting. The Specialist will then schedule a time to meet at your business, one of our Library locations, or a location in the community. At the consultation, you will learn how the Library can benefit your business specifically.

Consultations typically last 30-60 minutes.

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What kind of presentations are available?

Our Business Specialists have several presentations that can be geared toward your business, employees, or group. Presentations include topics such as hiring employees, social media marketing, business research, and more. Specialists can also put together custom presentations for businesses.

Are the Square One Small Business services free?

Yes! All Square One services are free, including consultations, presentations, access to research databases, and live events. If there is anything outside the scope of Square One, the business team will be glad to refer you to another organization who can help.

How much can you help me?

While Square One can't run your business for you, the Business Team can help you learn better ways to manage your business. The Library offers a wide range of online resources and live programming to help you make the best of your business endeavors.

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