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Test Proctoring Services

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All Mid-Continent Public Library branches provides test proctoring service for students to help them pursue their educational goals.

This service is available through scheduled appointments. Students are strongly encouraged to schedule appointments at the beginning of the semester but must schedule each appointment with at least one week’s notice. All appointments are accepted based on staff availability and branch capacity.

The following are the responsibilities of the student when using this service:

Student Responsibilities

  • Set up and confirming a proctoring appointment during branch operating hours*
  • Verify that the requirements of the educational institution for proctoring can be met by the Library
  • Pay for all expenses related to the exam prior to taking the exam, such as printing costs, postage, etc.
  • Provide photo ID
  • Bring required and/or allowed equipment, materials, and supplies
  • Secure all equipment, materials, supplies, and any other personal belongings not allowed by the exam
  • Verify that the completed exam is received by the educational institution

*All proctoring appointments must be completed 30 minutes before the Library branch’s closing time.

What the Library provides

  • Photo ID verification
  • A Library staff member to observe the student while performing other duties*
  • Space within the library for student to take the exam
  • A public computer if needed and not provided by the student
  • Communicating any use of prohibited materials or equipment to the educational institution
  • Transmitting completed exam to the school via postal mail, email, or fax

*Proctor may or may not hold professional degree

The library cannot be held liable financially or otherwise in providing this service.

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