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Print, save, and share resources for kids and students.
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Catch the Science Bug

Investigate this site to learn more about science!
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All Science Fair Projects

From astronomy to zoology, this site has a searchable database of 500 science fair ideas for all grade levels. Each individual project page links to a sample project elsewhere on the Web.
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Weather Wiz Kids

Meteorologist Crystal Wicker from Indianapolis, Indiana designed this website especially for kids to allow them to learn more about the fascinating world of weather.
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Agriculture in the Classroom Kid's Zone

This fun site sponsored by the USDA offers science projects, a section about farm and fun food, agricultural facts for the 50 states, and more.
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At StudyJams you can find homework help in the areas of Math and Science. You'll be able to watch videos describing a variety of topics such as volcanoes, photosynthesis, and the universe. StudyJams also has tests where you can examine how well you know a subject.
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NASA's Climate Kids

Learn more about our planet and how the climate affects it.
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NASA Space Place

Learn more about Planet Earth, the Sun, our solar system, and people and technology at NASA's website just for kids. You can also play fun games, find great activities to do, explore videos, read fun facts, and take quizzes.
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OLogy for Kids

Go to the Ology site to learn about dinosaurs, marine biology, genetics, astronomy and more. Games, crafts, and experiments are all found on this very colorful site.
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