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A People’s History of Kansas City


A People's History of Kansas City is a podcast from KCUR 89.3 that tells stories about everyday heroes, renegades, and visionaries who have shaped Kansas City and the region. This podcast is a deep-dive documentary-style escapade into the unexpected history of people and places in our region. History can be a few decades old or centuries ago, and the stories will come to life as we meet people along the way whose lives intersect with the past of this place. Every episode will provide context for Kansas City as it is today. History is approached with an egalitarian spirit and the episodes will highlight stories of diverse communities who have historically been overlooked.

KCUR 89.3 is partnering with Mid-Continent Public Library to make A People’s History of Kansas City possible.

Suzanne Hogan

A People’s History of Kansas City is produced and hosted by Suzanne Hogan. Hogan has been a producer at KCUR 89.3 FM since 2007. She's worked on talk shows, reported features, announces, and hosts the podcast A People's History of Kansas City. She's passionate about finding new creative ways to use sound and tell stories. Her documentary studies background helps guide her general storytelling philosophy which is that everybody is an expert of their own life. Watch to an interview with Suzanne about season 2 of A People's History of Kansas City or listen to the trailer for season 2.

Episode 6: The Battle Over Mickey Mouse

Episode 6: The Battle Over Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney got his start in Kansas City and went on to change the future of entertainment. But he certainly didn’t do it alone. 
Hear the story of Ub Iwerks, the genius animator that was erased from popular Disney history. 

Listen to episode 6

episode 5: where Missouri got its name

Episode 5: How Missouri Got Its Name

When Otoe Missouria storyteller Truman Dailey died in 1996, he was one of the last fluent speakers of the Chiwere language.
Hear the story of the Missouria people, the American Indian tribe, and how their culture, heritage and language are being kept alive on the latest episode of A People’s History of Kansas City.

Listen to episode 5

episode 4: Kansas City's fierce women's rights champion

Episode 4: Kansas City's Fierce Women's Rights Champion

Suffragette, labor organizer and feminist Sarah Lloyd Green organized women workers in Kansas City’s garment district by fearlessly challenging the patriarchy. 

Listen to episode 4

episode 3: the first known female buffalo soldier

Episode 3: The First Known Female Buffalo Soldier

Cathay Williams was a pioneer in the fight against race and gender discrimination. Growing up enslaved in Independence, Missouri, she disguised herself as a man in order to become a legendary Buffalo Soldier.

Listen to episode 3

Watch storyteller Donna Madison’s recent portrayal of Cathay Williams for an MCPL virtual program.

Henry Perry.png

Episode 2: Kansas City's Barbecue King

The story behind the Black entrepreneur in the 1900's who made Kansas City barbecue a national treasure. Before Arthur Bryant and Ollie Gates, there was Henry Perry.

Listen to episode 2

Episode 1: A People’s History of Possum Trot

People from Kansas City know that our city’s name can be confusing to outsiders, because there is more than one Kansas City. But how close were we to being called something else?

Listen to episode 1

Listen to season 1 of A People’s History of Kansas City

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