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World Book Kids for Young Learners

World Book Kids for Young Learners

November 2, 2021

In an increasingly digital age, it is becoming more and more important for kids to learn digital research skills. However, finding reliable, accessible, and understandable resources for elementary aged students can be a struggle. The resource World Book Kids is the solution you’ve been searching for. With age-appropriate language, high-interest design, and intuitive controls, this online resource has been designed perfectly for elementary aged research projects.

To access World Book Kids from the Library homepage, click Research and Learning, then the Homework Help for Kids card, and then scroll down to find World Book Kids.

Accessing World Book_1.png

From the World Book Kids homepage, you can begin your search in several different ways, including the search bar, selecting explore, or using the pictures along the bottom of the screen. There is also an option to “Read About” the subject in the background picture, which can be changed using the arrows.

World Book layout.png

This resource also contains a variety of Educator Tools, which you can locate from the homepage of this site. Educator Tools include Curriculum Correlations, Lesson Plans, and Webquests.


When the “Explore” option is selected from the homepage, it allows you to dig deep into a general search term and helps to narrow your search down into a more specific topic.


The Advanced Search option also allows you to search using a word or phrase, Boolean search, or Lexile level. You can narrow the search by the preferred media: articles, maps, pictures, or videos.


The articles include multiple accessibility features, such as read aloud, text translation, and dictionary definitions. There are also related resources attached, including pictures, videos, curriculum standards, and questions. 



With all the features included, your learner is certain to find information to help add to their knowledge.

For further assistance using this website or to learn more about other World Book Kids features, just hop on over to the Video Tutorials, Help for Kids, or the Training Guide.

Kayla B.
Excelsior Springs Branch

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