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Planet Comicon Comes to KC!

Planet Comicon Comes to KC!

April 11, 2022

Planet Comicon returns in person to Kansas City on April 22–24, 2022, and there’s a galaxy of things to experience while you’re there! Attend panels, nab autographs and photos, tour the exhibition floor, cosplay your favorite characters, and of course—nerd out! Comicon is an excellent opportunity to meet celebrities, authors, voice actors, and more, and this year there is a great selection of featured talent:

Of course, no Comicon is complete without COSPLAY! Check out these titles for a little inspiration:

  • Epic Cosplay Costumes by Kristie Good includes step-by-step information for creating your own cosplay designs, as well as techniques for making pieces to mix and match into original costumes.
  • 1,000 Incredible Costume & Cosplay Ideas by Yaya Han – Are you still in the idea stage? Then this book is for you! The only problem will be trying to whittle down your final choices!
  • Creative Cosplay by Amanda Dawn Haas – This book is perfect for seasoned cosplay creators. An inspirational guide in the art of making designer-quality costumes will leave everyone talking as you strut down the halls at Comicon!

Need more info? Go to and learn about all the great things to see and do!

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