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Coming to an MCPL Branch Near You: The Story Center’s Traveling Display

Traveling Display

September 27, 2022

This summer, Story Center staff revamped our outreach display—a colorful, multi-piece exhibit that travels across the MCPL service area on a quest to inform the public about our storytelling resources!

The Story Center is proud to be housed in the historic home on the Woodneath Library Center campus, and we love partnering with Woodneath staff to bring our services to customers in the vicinity. But The Story Center has much to offer all Library customers! People regularly drive from other cities for our events, and we offer Zoom programs that draw international attendees. So, we wanted to reach other customers interested in storytelling, regardless of which MCPL location is their home branch. During the pandemic, we brainstormed outreach initiatives, and the traveling display came to be.

Withers - August 2022_0.jpg
The display all lit up at the Withers Branch in August.

The display highlights each part of our mission: to empower people to create stories, share stories, and connect with the stories of others. On the “Create Your Story” shelf, placards describe the written and oral storytelling tracks in our Storytelling Certificate Program. “Share Your Story” showcases the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) and Woodneath Press along with books that were either printed or published through The Story Center.

Informational pieces on ways The Story Center can help storytellers create and share their stories on display at the Woodneath Branch.


We also want people to connect with the stories of others, and what better place to do that than the home of The Story Center: the Woodneath historic house. Four QR codes placed throughout the display guide viewers to more information on our website about certificate programs, other events, publishing resources, and the home.

House Foamcore Cutout.jpg
The Woodneath historic home printed on foamcore and cut out with a hot knife.

The display also features information about the Crouch Farm Dairy that operated at Woodneath in the mid-20th century, along with artifacts from the dairy, like a milk bottle and bottle caps. To provide a snapshot of the property’s long and storied history, the display ends with a timeline of red-letter years in the house’s past and the utilization of the house today.

A barn and cows made of foamcore and a shadow box of objects from the Crouch Farm Dairy in the Woodneath Branch display.

It’s our hope that, as the display travels, more customers will learn about the resources we offer and help to shape the future of The Story Center.

Red Bridge - September 2022.jpg
Sharing space with some friends from Sesame Street at the Red Bridge Branch in September

Are you an MCPL manager who would like to welcome the display to your branch? Contact Melanie Pierce to schedule a visit. 

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