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14 Easy Steps to Celebratory Bakes!

14 Easy Steps to Celebratory Bakes!

April 17, 2023

Finish off the school year strong with some celebratory baked goods for graduation, prom, a birthday, or any other special occasion! The greatest part of baking at home is that you did it yourself, and the Library is here to make the process as stress-free as possible. So, get into the kitchen and start baking up a storm!   

Here are 14 steps to achieve your baking goals along with some tips, tricks, and tools available from the Library to help get you there:  

  • Step 1: Get out your Library card and log into your account online.  
  • Step 2: Look at MCPL’s online catalog and the over 450 books, eBooks, and DVDs with recipes to match your baking needs. There are plenty of books to meet any nutritional restrictions, fandoms, or favorite types of goods you may want to try.  
  • Step 3: Go get your ingredients for your favorite recipes.  
  • Step 4: Do you want extra tips on cooking or baking for a crowd but don’t want to buy a book that you might not use more than once? Check out Gale Courses and explore the Secrets of the Caterer class. It’s a free six-week class that is perfect if you want to get an insider’s look at how to cater the perfect event. Lesson 6 is all about those fantastic brownies and cheesecakes. You can even add appetizers, drinks, and entrees to your party.  
  • Step 5: Need something a little faster? Mix it up by checking out Universal Class. Simply log in with your self-created user ID and password. It will be connected to your email, so you can receive Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certifications for the courses you take. Some courses you might try include Pie Baking 101, Bread Baking 101, Cooking and Baking 101, How to Bake Cookies, and Cake Decoration 101.  

    If you’re already in the business of baking, you can also use
    Universal Class for all of your baking business needs. The courses are self-paced and have a professional teacher with quick lessons, exams, recipes, and easy contact for your instructors. You also get a printable certificate and free downloadable recipes to show off your work.  

  • Step 6: Want more visual aids and step-by-step instructions? Julia Child can help you! Check out Access Video on Demand. This free site features over 600 videos of baking instruction with Dame Julia Child, as well as cooking shows, and short videos (less than an hour, in most cases) of culinary fun—from decorative loaves for your centerpiece, quick breads for the speedy chef, and mastering the art of cake decorating, to my personal favorite, Edible Art Cake Decorating.  
  • Step 7: Prep your oven.  
  • Step 8: Mix your ingredients.  
  • Step 9: Pour your batter.  
  • Step 10: Bake.  
  • Step 11: Cool.  
  • Step 12: Decorate.  
  • Step 13: Before you take a bite of these delicious eats, take a picture to share on your social media account and tag Mid-Continent Public Library!
  • Step 14: Enjoy your baking success!  

Andrew E.
Red Bridge Branch

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