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Archival Collections

Donations to MGC Archives

MGC accepts selected archive materials from Jackson, Clay, and Platte counties at the discretion of the MGC archivist. Potential donors are requested to make an appointment with the archivist to discuss possible donation to the archives. You may call (816)252-7228 to set up an appointment with our archivist.


Access to MGC’s archives requires customers to read through the archives guidelines. These guidelines explain the dos and don’ts while working with an archival collection.

Finding Aids and Indexes

Finding aids provide further information for each of MGC’s archival collections. Each will include the following elements:

  • Collection Summary
  • Collection Inventory
  • Rights and Access to each archival collection

Name and folder indexes are available for some of MGC’s archival collections. Name indexes display first, maiden, middle, and last names as well as any notes that may help identify individuals. Folder indexes display the folder title and additional information.

MGC Archival Collections

Collection Name Finding Aid Indexes
Abell Family Bible PDF  
Adalyne Runion Papers PDF  
Akes Family Bible PDF  
Alfred Megrail Papers PDF  
Alice Houts Collection PDF  
Alton, Illinois Evening Telegraph    Name Index
American Ex-Prisoners of War-Heart of America Chapter PDF  
American Family Records Association-Pedigree Charts    
Anna G. Ford Collection PDF  
Antle Cemetery Collection PDF  
Bartlett Collection of Family Histories PDF Folder Index
Bass Family Bible PDF  
Beal and Thomas Families Papers PDF  
Bernice Burkeholder Papers PDF  
Betty Dagenais Collection PDF  
Betty Wynn McGehee Collection PDF  
Bickerstaff Family Bible PDF  
Boone Family Collection   Folder Index
Brackenbury Family History Collection PDF  
Bramell Family Collection PDF  
Brinkman Family Research PDF  
Brown Family Collection PDF  
Bushner Family Bible PDF  
Byron Beighle Papers PDF  
Cady and Denison Family Papers PDF  
Caldwell Family Bible PDF  
Casimir P. Stevens Collection PDF  
Central Christian Church Collection PDF Name Index
Chapel Neighborhood #20 Council Newsletters - Independence, MO PDF  
Chastain Family Collection PDF  
Chester H. Ramsdell Family Collection PDF  
Christian County Indexes and Transcribed Records PDF  
Civil War Orders- 5th Cavalry Missouri State Militia PDF  
Clair and Collins Families Papers PDF  
Clay County, Missouri, Marriages Scrapbook PDF  
Clements Family Collection PDF  
Cleo Dowell Papers   Folder Index
Cler-Mont Elementary School PDF  
Coleman Correspondence Collection PDF  
Coleman Family Papers PDF  
Crabtree Family Collection PDF  
Craig Family Papers PDF  
Cruzen and Thomas Families Papers PDF  
Cumberland Presbyterian Church [Independence, MO] Bible PDF  
Cunningham and Ford Family Papers PDF  
D.F. Bone Diary PDF  
Deatherage Family Collection PDF  
Declarations of Independence Collection PDF  
Doty Family Bible PDF  
Downing Family Bible PDF  
Drumm Farm Collection PDF  
Edwards and Ailshire Families Papers PDF  
Eldridge Family Collection PDF  
Eleanor Shane Papers PDF  
Elliott Family Collection PDF  
Ethel White Earles Scrapbook PDF  
Eva Maria Hinman Giles Papers PDF  
Family Research Collection   Folder Index
Family Research Collection — Bible Records   Folder Index
Fannie Mae Turner Collection PDF  
Gann Historical Society & Library, Inc. Collection   Folder Index
Gaynelle Moore Collection PDF  
Gee Family Photos PDF  
Gentry County, Missouri Collection PDF  
George Banker Owens Collection PDF  
Gilbert Family Papers PDF  
Gleaner Combine Collection PDF  
Global and Multicultural Education (G.A.M.E.) Collection PDF  
Goddard Historical and Genealogical Society PDF  
Griswold Family Papers PDF  
Gutenberg Bible (facsimile) PDF  
Guy Lee Tinder, Jr., Correspondence PDF  
H.P. Gum Bible PDF  
Harding Family Bible PDF  
Harold Clute Collection PDF  
Harry E. Corbin Collection PDF  
Hawthorne Family Collection PDF  
Heart of America Genealogy Society Collection    Folder Index
Heart of America Genealogy Society Pedigree Charts   Folder Index
Herbert C. Roy Collection PDF  
Herman Schumann Collection PDF  
Hixson Family Collection PDF  
Howard/Lane Research Collection PDF  
Howell Family Research Collection PDF  
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodges of
Jackson County, Missouri, Collection
Iowa Obituaries PDF  
Isaac Toot Papers PDF  
Jackson County, Missouri, Collection PDF  
Jackson County, Missouri, School Newspaper Collection PDF  
John B. Moritz Collection PDF  
Johnson Family Bible PDF  
Joseph Nesbit Collection PDF  
Joyce Kindred Collection PDF  
Julia S. Riedel Papers PDF  
Julian Family History PDF  
Kansas City Cemetery Collection PDF  
Kansas City Membership Rosters PDF  
Kansas City Telephone Company Collection PDF  
Kelsay Family Collection PDF  
Kemper Family Collection   Folder Index
Kimberlin Family Collection PDF  
Kleitz, Boothe, and Hukill Families Collection PDF  
Kraft Family Papers PDF  
Krebs Family Collection PDF  
Kroll Family Papers PDF  
Lamar Family Bible PDF  
Lawson Family Photos PDF  
Leavenworth County, Kansas Funeral Programs PDF  
Little Family Collection PDF  
Livesay Family Collection PDF  
Lois Allen Collection PDF  
Lois C. Golden Papers PDF  
Lone Jack, MO History Collection PDF  
Lorraine Hopkins Owens Collection PDF  
Luttrell Family Collection PDF  
M. Laurine (Pulliam/Schneck) Williams Collection PDF  
Mae Cady Kent Drew Collection PDF  
Magill Family Bible PDF  
Mai Family Collection PDF  
Mallicoat Family Papers PDF  
Margaret Hubbard Countryman Collection PDF  
Markee Family Bible PDF  
Marks Family Bible PDF  
Martha Jacobson Scrapbooks PDF  
Mary (McKim) Ray Collection PDF  
Mayme Gazlay Laycox Collection PDF   
McCampbell Collection PDF  
McInteer, Poertner, and Robinson Families' Papers PDF   
McIntosh Family Collection PDF  
McMillin Family Bible PDF  
Midwest Genealogy Center Collection PDF  
Midwest Genealogy Center Ephemeral Collection PDF  
Midwest Genealogy Center Military Collection PDF  
Midwest Genealogy Center Newspaper Collection PDF  
Midwest Genealogy Center Photo Collection PDF  
Midwest Genealogy Center Vertical Files     Folder Index
Mildred I. Seburn Clark Collection PDF  
Mildred Schoenborn Scrapbook PDF  
Missouri, Jackson County Voter Registration Records PDF  
Missouri Room Vertical Files   Folder Index
Mitchell Family Bible PDF  
N.D. Tyler Bible PDF  
Nadine Hodges Collection PDF  
Nanon Carr Collection   Folder Index
Neva Flippen Beyer Collection PDF  
Newton Family Collection PDF  
Owsley and Allied Families Collection PDF  
Papers of William Ross Cooper PDF  
Pate/Turner Family Bible PDF  
Peery Family Bible PDF  
Perrine Family Bible PDF  
Petree and Plumb Family Papers PDF  
Philadelphia, Mississippi Obituaries PDF  
Ralph Preston Collection PDF  
Raytown Historical Society Collection PDF  
Rector Family Collection PDF  
Research Hospital [Kansas City, MO] Collection PDF  
Revare Family Collection PDF  
Richard B. Stevens Collection PDF  
Rodgers Family Collection PDF  
Rorer Family Papers PDF  
Ruby Rigor Hendrick Collection   Folder Index
Salem Cemetery Collection PDF  
Sanders, Unangst, and Myers Families Papers PDF  
Savage Family Photos PDF  
Schambach Family Collection PDF  
School Yearbook Inserts Collection PDF  
Schuenemeyer Family Collection PDF  
Sewell Richardson Papers PDF  
Shela S. Fretwell Collection PDF  
Shepherd Family Collection PDF  
Sherman Collection PDF  
Sherri L. Cox Keefe Liles Collection PDF  
Sherrieb Family Album PDF  
Sibley and Webb Cemeteries Records PDF  
Simrall & Simrall Collection PDF  
Sir Carl Busch Papers PDF  
Smith Family Bible PDF  
Spring Valley Baptist Church PDF  
Steinhauser Family Collection PDF  
Stella Strickler Tharp Collection PDF  
Striffler Family Bible PDF Name Index
Swisher Family Bible PDF  
Telephone Pioneers of America-Chapter #38 Papers PDF  
Texas Deeds Collection PDF  
Thomas Family Record Book PDF  
Titus Family Collection PDF  
Townsley Family Album PDF  
Transcribed Church and Bible Records PDF  
Treas Family Bible PDF  
Turner Family Bible PDF  
Twitchell Family Collection PDF  
V.G. Johnson Collection   Folder Index
Vaile Family Collection PDF  
Vera Grandfield Fawbush Collection PDF  
Vickers Family Bible PDF  
Walker Family Bibles PDF  
Walker-McCann Families Diaries PDF  
Wall That Heals Collection PDF  
Walter S. Jennings Collection PDF  
Washington Township (Jackson County, MO) Civil Docket PDF  
Westport Bank Collection PDF  
Wiley Family Papers PDF  
William Wallace (Milliron) Johnson Collection PDF  
Wilma Rector Hanks Collection PDF  
Woodlawn Cemetery Collection PDF  
Wollard Collection PDF  
Women's Civic Club of Independence, MO PDF  
Woodruff Collection   Folder Index
World War II Collection PDF  
Yelverton Peyton Collection PDF  

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