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Romancing a Bridgerton

Romancing a Bridgerton

June 7, 2024

Dearest Gentle Reader,

As the masses rush to the newsstands in anticipation of the latest exploits in secrets and seductions, I have been biding my time, waiting for the perfect morsel of gossip to stir the ton into a frenzy. And at long last, I have found it.

In the words of our favorite town gossip, Lady Whistledown, “Diamonds aren’t the only jewels that sparkle.” With that sentiment in mind, how about some book recommendations inspired by your favorite Bridgerton characters? Are you ready to fall for Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, or Hyacinth? Which type of romance trope captures your heart?

We have it all: from fake relationships, grumpy and sunshine dynamics, and enemies-to-lovers stories. If you're a huge fan of Polin, like myself, then friends-to-lovers reads might satiate your thirst until Part 2 of Season 3 arrives. Perhaps you are eagerly waiting for Benedict’s fairytale love-at-first-sight and forbidden love to unfold. Or maybe Francesca’s second chance at love gives you hope for your own romantic journey.

Eloise’s marriage of convenience in the books might intrigue you, or maybe you believe, as I do, that Eloise’s story will diverge from the book and take on a more spirited romance we have yet to see. We certainly can’t forget Gregory’s love triangle or Hyacinth’s romance with the bad boy, either.

If you’re unsure of what you want, take a quiz to help you decide. Bonus points if you get Lady Whistledown herself.

Happy reading, dear friends. May your literary adventures be as captivating as the tales of the Bridgerton family.

What Bridgerton is your match?

1. Choose a color

A. Black

B. Blue

C. Green

D. Silver

E. Purple

F. Pink

G. Yellow

H. Red

2. Favorite Activity

A. Horseback Riding

B. Painting

C. Traveling

D. Gardening

E. Reading

F. Piano

G. Fencing

H. Chess

I. Writing

3. Place to Travel

A. India

B. Italy

C. France

D. Sweden

E.  Turkey

F. Austria

G. Japan

H. Greece

4. Type of Tea

A. Black Tea

B. Green Tea

C. Matcha Tea

D. White Tea

E. Oolong Tea

F. Rooibos

G. Coffee

H. Lady Grey

5. Choose a flower

A. Lilacs

B. Roses

C. Orchids

D. Lilies

E. Dandelion

F. Daisies

G. Succulents

H. Daffodils

I. No, Thank You.

6. What would make you the Diamond?

A. My Stubbornness

B. My Imagination

C. My Charisma

D. My Beauty

E. My Intelligence

F. My Grace

G. My Ambition

H. My Wit

I. My Awkwardness

7. What do you desire most?

A. Freedom

B. Inspiration

C. Adventure

D. Love/Passion

E. Control

F. Happiness

G. Laughter

H. Challenge

8. Are you a...

A/D/E/F: Introvert

C/G/H: Extrovert

B/I: Ambivert

9. Are you drawn to…

B/C/E/H/I: City

A/D/F/G: Country

10. Book or TV Show?

A/D/F/H: Book

B/C/E/G/I: TV Show

Tally up the total you have for each letter. For questions 8-10, all letters beside your answer count toward your total. Whichever letter you have the most of is your Bridgerton match.

 A. Anthony

B. Benedict

C. Colin

D. Daphne

E. Eloise

F. Francesca

G. Gregory

H. Hyacinth

Combination of C and I: Penelope

If you end up in a two-way or three-way tie, the decision is yours about who you would give your heart to. Whoever it is, I am sure the Queen will approve. Make sure to check out the corresponding book list to see what books match your quiz results!

And for even more excitement, don't miss Romance GenreCon this year, featuring Julia Quinn, author of the Bridgerton series, along with other renowned authors such as Janna MacGregor, Cathy Maxwell, Shawntelle Madison, Carmen Schober, and Sierra Simone. If you love romance, you won't want to miss this three-day event!

Felicia L
Antioch Branch


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