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New Technology Classes for the New Year, or Anytime!

New Technology Classes for the New Year, or Anytime!

January 26, 2023

Every new year, many individuals use the fresh calendar as motivation to make personal improvements. Because technology is such an integral part of daily life, improving one’s technology skills is a common goal. Whether you use the calendar as a compass for self-improvement or not, Mid-Continent Public Library has many opportunities for those looking to expand their knowledge of computers, software, mobile devices, and other technology.

Starting in February, MCPL will offer Beginning Word® classes at a handful of branches across the library system. These classes give individuals the building blocks needed to understand the popular word processor, Microsoft Word. Participants learn how to create, save, and print documents. The companion class, Intermediate Word, will be offered beginning in March. If you are interested in learning additional information about Microsoft Word, or if you prefer to learn virtually, check out the Microsoft Word Basics playlist on the MCPLMO YouTube channel. There are many videos that you can watch on your own schedule to learn the features and functions of this common application.

There are a couple other technology programs that will be offered in the coming months that can help you sharpen your technology know-how. Mobile Accessibility Apps classes are perfect for anyone looking to make their smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device easier to use. In this class, participants learn how they can change phone settings and utilize special apps to make their devices easier to see, hear, and navigate. Tech Talks are a great option for those with general technology questions who are looking to learn and discuss with MCPL technology presenters and fellow attendees.

If you are interested in attending any of these technology classes, or if you want to see all the upcoming programs offered from Mid-Continent Public Library, check out the Events page of the Library’s website. If you are looking to improve your skills remotely, MCPL premieres new technology videos each Wednesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m. on the MCPL360 Facebook page. You do not need a Facebook account to attend these video premieres.

Brad S.
Consumer Technology Specialist

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