Woodneath Library Center

The Woodneath Library Center

Open in June of 2013, the Woodneath Library Center is located on 33-acres of land in Clay County. Attached to the Library Center is the Elbridge-Arnold home which was built in 1855.

Children’s Literacy Center

Children’s Literacy Center

The Woodneath Children’s Literacy Center provides access to skill-building computers, books, and early literacy storytimes. Special interactive early literacy storytimes will be held in the Storytime Barn. Families can also explore reading with our fun literacy puzzles and other fun activities.

Access Art at the Library

We are pleased to announce the arrival of “Mother Nature” at Woodneath Library. "Mother Nature" is a gift from the Kansas City Public Library on behalf of Jonathan and Nancy Lee Kemper.

Library Lounge

Library Lounge

Enjoy the view from our comfortable Library Lounge. This spacious room provides relaxed seating for small groups and offers vending options for those in need of a snack. Find out more about the future of the Woodneath Story Center as you explore this area!

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Find out more about The Future of Woodneath (including the anticipated Woodneath Story Center)!

Print your book with the Woodneath Press.

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