Halloween Hoopla

Halloween Hoopla

Explore a creepy old house with Happy Faces Entertainment.

Film Series: Animated Horror

Film Series: Animated Horror

Have a haunting-good time with our big screen creature features.

Pink Party

Pink Party

Discover ways to help yourself and others with breast cancer.

Freegal Streaming

Freegal Streaming

Download or stream the music you want!


News and Views

Now That's What I Call FREE Music!

Sixteen years ago, Now That’s What I Call Music! released its first U.S. album with popular 90s artists like Janet Jackson, the Backstreet Boys, Radiohead, and Lenny Kravitz. Since then, they’ve been releasing several albums every year, letting you know what is the most popular music at the time.

Book Club Leaders, MCPL Can Make Your Life Easier!

MCPL has a special, separate collection with over 500 titles in it just for book discussion groups. And you, book club leader, can access all of them!

Film Series: Minnelli Musicals Hosted by Bob Butler

Vincente Minnelli -- four of whose classic screen musicals will be screened at the Parkville Branch in October -- probably had little choice when it came to a career. From the moment of his birth in 1903, he was destined for show business.

His parents operated the Minnelli Brothers Tent Theatre, one of dozens of traveling troupes that worked the cities and towns of America. Papa ran the show with little Vincente’s uncle; Mama was the company’s leading lady.

The Buzz About the Bee

The Bee is expanding!

In last year's amazing showing, local fifth grader Sophia Hoffman and seventh grader Kush Sharma went 66 rounds in the Spelling Bee finals, ending when Bee officials ran out of available words. The competition went an additional 29 rounds before Kush was declared the winner.

Outstanding Service on All Levels!

Last week, the Missouri Library Association announced that library trustee Brent Schondelmeyer is the recipient of the Virginia G. Young Outstanding Service Award. The Virginia G. Young Outstanding Service Award recognizes an individual trustee for exemplary service to libraries in Missouri. Brent Schondelmeyer has served on the MCPL Library Board since 2003, and is known for his heartfelt commitment to fostering a love of life-long learning throughout our many communities. 

RFID Conversion

The following branches will be closed for RFID conversion:

September 29 - October 5

October 6-12
Platte City

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