Introduction to the World of the Short Story

Introduction to the World of the Short Story

Delve into the classics with our exploration of the world of short stories.

Featured Author: Laura Moriarity

Featured Author: Laura Moriarity

Join this bestselling author and her tale of silent film star Louise Brooks.

A Kansas City Dollhouse

A Kansas City Dollhouse

Enjoy viewing and learning about this special dollhouse from the 1800s.

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5 Ways to Enjoy Shakespeare Without Reading Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is undoubtedly the most famous playwright ever. At the very least, most everyone knows the plot of Romeo and Juliet, and his works have been adapted in almost every way imaginable. But many people don't actually like reading Shakespeare.


It has been a while since books went digital; it has been even longer since social media went mainstream. It only seems natural that we are reaching the moment of the eBook Club--a place where friends can meet online and discuss books. Tell me more. 

Missouri Libraries Need Your Help

On March 18, librarians from across the state accompanied several teenagers to the state capital to voice their opinion about the lack of state funding for Missouri’s public libraries. Not only did the Governor's staff not keep their appointment with the teens and librarians, the staff actually expelled my friends from his office. Now, Missouri libraries need your help to remind the Governor how important library service is to our state. 

Celebrate Women’s History Month with Fiction

Each month, the Collection Development Department alerts you to new and forthcoming materials. Place your holds now!

Sometimes, the best way to learn about history is through fiction. The authors have used their imaginations to depict the lives of girls and women from the past, but the settings (and sometimes the people) are very much real.

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Everything Is Better in Video

Videos are everywhere. You can't scroll through Facebook or Twitter without seeing them. Well, you can also find videos at the Library.

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