Storytime with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Storytime with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Enjoy some magical Christmas tales!

Night Before A Christmas Carol

Night Before A Christmas Carol

Join Charles Dickens in his study for a very special night.

Beyond the Books

Beyond the Books

Find a program just for you!

Freegal Streaming

Freegal Streaming

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Enjoy "A Christmas Carol" Any Way You Like

A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Christmas stories. Since its first publication in 1843, the Ghost Story of Christmas has been adapted in almost every way imaginable (if you don't believe me, look for yourself). Most everyone has enjoyed some version—book, play, musical, movie, etc. As the holiday season approaches, you can relive the magic of the tale of Scrooge and his ghostly visitors. 

One Hour of Code

I am a member of the minority of women trying to be a part of the predominately male career field of technology. Therefore, when I heard about the great national movement called Hour of Code, I got very excited. It is a week for people to learn about programming and computer code. Young, old, male, female, it doesn’t matter, anyone can find out how easy it is to use technology. Just one hour to take time to see what you can learn and how it might change what you can do with coding.

Fishing Poles and Tackle Boxes for Loan

If I were to ask you what you can borrow from your local library, you might say books, movies, or even music. But what if I said you could add fishing poles and tackle boxes to the list? It might sound unusual, but our Blue Springs South and Colbern Road Branches have partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation to do just that, and outfit you for your next fishing trip.

One KC Neighborhood's Continuing Story

The history and evolution of the West Bottoms is the subject of a new book, Cowtown: Cattle Trails and West Bottom Tales, by Kansas City native and author Ed Matheny Jr. The official launch party for the book is Thursday, November 6th in the West Bottoms.

Do You Like Scary Movies?

Of course you do! Who doesn't like scary movies? (Actually, a lot of people don't like scary movies. If you are one of those people, you should probably stop reading this post.) Whether you like murderous psychopaths, evil spirits, or classic zombies, you can get your frightening fix for free with IndieFlix and Freegal Movies

RFID Conversion

The following branches will be closed for RFID conversion:

December 1-7

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