Tax Help for Seniors

Tax Help for Seniors

AARP Tax-Aide representatives will be at the Library to assist seniors with moderate to low incomes with tax questions and tax preparation.

Winter Reading Challenge

Winter Reading Challenge

There's still time to take the challenge!

Celebrate Black History

Celebrate Black History

Register now for Midwest Afro-American Genealogical Interest Coalition's (M.A.G.I.C.) Sherri Camp's workshop at MGC on February 25 at MGC.

Is There a Black Sheep in Your Past?

Is There a Black Sheep in Your Past?

Register now for this annual event at the Adams Pointe Conference Center in Blue Springs, MO.


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New Catalog, New Search Features!

Do you listen to audiobooks? The Library has an outstanding collection of audiobooks on a variety of subjects. I love to listen to humorous fiction while I drive, nonfiction while I walk my dogs, and mysteries when I’m cleaning up the kitchen! I use audiobooks on CD in the car and downloadable audiobooks on my phone when I’m walking the dogs or doing chores. It sure makes the chores a lot more fun! 

Teacher Fuses Art and History in Underground Railroad Program for Kids

A children’s book retelling the story of a group of church women who sewed rag dolls to give away to children escaping slavery on the Underground Railroad inspired Sarah Poff to create a program that brings the lesson to Kansas City’s children.

“I always look for a way to have kids make peace with the past and go on in the future,” said Poff, who has taught elementary art in the Blue Springs School District for 24 years.

Storyteller Brings the Past to Life in Black History Month Programs for Children

When it comes to telling tales from history, Brother John Anderson is always interested in the rest of the story. As a master storyteller, Anderson isn’t interested in telling his audiences just the usual facts about notable people from the past. For him, it’s not about someone’s achievements, but rather their motivations and ability to persevere through adversity. When you tell that story, he says, people find themselves in the narrative, and that’s when you connect with them.

Remembering the Stars on Music’s Biggest Night

There is one feature common to all awards shows—and the 2017 GRAMMY Awards will likely follow suit— remembering artists who have passed to the great musical beyond during an “In Memoriam” segment.

Music’s biggest night takes place on Sunday, February 12, and it’s likely that a number of these GRAMMY-nominated and other award-winning artists will be honored, including George Michael, and, of course, Prince. Through the Library, you can learn more about them through books written about their lives, and, in a number of cases, listen to and remember them through their music.

Get a Sneak Preview of the New Catalog!

Have you checked out the “Sneak Preview” of Mid-Continent Public Library’s new catalog? I have! It only took a few minutes of poking around to discover some really exciting, new features! First of all, there are three “shelves” to track my reading. I can add items directly from my checkout list to my “In Progress” shelf. Then when I complete the title, I can move it to my “Completed” shelf. If I want to finish it later, I can move it to the “For Later” shelf. 

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