Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

Get ready to get reading!

Legacy Luncheon

Legacy Luncheon

Reserve your space today for this special event on Thursday, June 18 at Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center.

The Story Center

The Story Center

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Community Rooms

Community Rooms

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News and Views

Is Handwriting the New High Tech?

Google just announced that they have come out with a new keyboard app for Android phones. You can use your finger or stylus to draw or write on your screen, and the app will translate whatever you have written. Since it is Google, they have put years of research into this, according to the statement they gave when they released the app. The app isn’t perfect, but could lend a hand with that pesky autocorrect. 

Reading Out Of My Comfort Zone

Let me just state up front that I do not generally read or listen to books that fall into the Science Fiction genre.

Lives of the Not-So-Rich and Famous

Each month, the Collection Development Department brings you books, movies, and other great items you might have missed.

Memoirs and biographies about politicians, athletes, royalty, and other celebrities get plenty of attention—but some of the best life stories are written by people you’ve never heard of.

For Adults

In the News: Today's Top Story

How many of you read the newspaper? In the library industry, we are commonly asked questions about whether the library is a dying industry, bound to become extinct. The answer is a resounding no. I suspect people who work for print newspapers encounter similar queries.

Stop and Smell the Roses

If you like authors Karen Kingsbury, Terri Blackstock, Tracie Peterson, or Francine Rivers, you might also enjoy Lisa Wingate.

The inspiration for her first novel, Tending Roses, was inspired by her grandmother. While planting roses after the birth of Wingate’s first son, she and her grandmother were interrupted by the baby‘s crying. Abandoning the rose garden, Wingate and her grandmother went indoors to comfort the baby. After the baby fell back to sleep in her grandmother’s arms, she began telling Wingate her life story.

50th Anniversary

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