Food for Fines

Food for Fines

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Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

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See Sluggerrr this Summer!

See Sluggerrr this Summer!

Come out, celebrate summer reading, and meet Sluggerrr!

Speaker Series: Robin Murphy

Speaker Series: Robin Murphy

Hear discussions about her adventures, life, and contributions to Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It.


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2016 Winter Reading Challenge - Results!

This year's Winter Reading Challenge was a great success!

ICE – In Case of Emergency

You never think it’s going to happen to you or to your loved ones, but extreme emergencies do happen. Several years ago, my sister was in a terrible car crash. The EMT’s were able to get to her phone’s contact list to find my dad’s info to call us, so within a few hours, all of us were able to make it up to the hospital to be with her. But ever since that day, I’ve always wondered what would have happened if she had put a lock on her phone that would have prevented the EMTs from calling us so quickly.

4-5-1: A Bradbury-esque Writing Challenge

Can you write a compelling story in only 451 words?

Kansas City Food Scene

The Kansas City area is known for many things, including the Kansas City Royals and jazz music history, but one of the biggest claims to fame for KC (or at least the tastiest) is BBQ.

Books to Movies 2016

Hollywood movies are derived from a wide variety of places, but one commonly mined resource is the written word. It seems anymore that many of the best and bestselling movies are based on books. Sometimes they are direct adaptations, such as The Martian or The Hunger Games series.

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