Midwest Genealogy Center Building

The Midwest Genealogy Center opened in June 2008. The largest free-standing public genealogy library in the United States boasts 52,000 square feet of resources for family history researchers.

Charles Clancy and Union Station

Jim "Two Crows" Wallen portraying Charles Clancy, will share stories of the fascinating 100 years of history of the station, including construction, the wrestling of a steer in Grand Hall, the Union Station Massacre, and many other exciting tales.

Revenge, Retaliation and Retribution

Learn about the reality of the Brigade of Jayhawkers led by General James Henry Lane and the campaign of destruction and devastation they caused across western Missouri in 1861. It was a time of retaliation for the destruction during the epoch of Bleeding Kansas.

Using Evernote to Organize Your Genealogy

This class will introduce you to the computer/tablet/smartphone application Evernote. This app has useful features that will help you keep your genealogy research organized. You will also learn tips and advice to maximize Evernote’s versatility.

Genealogy Blogs

Make Friends at MGC…through Quaker records

Members of the Quaker religion began to immigrate to Colonial America in the 1600s. These immigrants typically came from England, Germany, and Wales, and they tended to settle in the New England and Middle Atlantic colonies. A large number also settled around Philadelphia. Quakers called themselves "Friends" and structured their churches differently that other Protestant religions of the time. Historically, these colonies were more forgiving to Quakers; some colonists found Quaker traditions and religious practices unusual.

I'm Just Dying to Know

I’m always curious about the cause of death of my ancestors. One hundred years ago or so, people died of diseases that I have never heard of before. So when I discover something I don’t recognize, I look it up. One obituary mentioned that an ancestor had died of the White Plague. I learned that was another name for consumption or tuberculosis. Sadly, the husband and wife died within a few days of each other, leaving behind three young children.

Homesteading the American West

Imagine leaving everything you know and are accustomed to for the unknown…this is exactly what the pioneers did. Brave individuals moved West for land, freedom, and a myriad of other reasons. In doing so, they also furthered the United States’ westward expansion. Those who were looking for land, in particular, became known as homesteaders.

Finding My Past

My mom would have loved following all the media stories about Princess Charlotte, the newest member of the royal family. She was Australian and always felt a tie to the British Royal Family. In fact, my mom was sure that we were descended from royalty. As I started researching my genealogy years ago, I found that we had a few convict ancestors in the family sent to Australia. Although it was quite the opposite of what my mom envisioned, she assured me that that was a different line, and we still had some royalty.

Researching Your Ancestors Up North

When most people begin their genealogy, they come into the hobby with some preconceived notions about their family. I knew that I came from immigrants, but I assumed that they immigrated directly to the United States. Once I started researching, however, I came across a different story all together.

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