Midwest Genealogy Center Building

The Midwest Genealogy Center opened in June 2008. The largest free-standing public genealogy library in the United States boasts 52,000 square feet of resources for family history researchers.

Forgotten Warriors

Find out about the role of American Indians as soldiers in the Civil War. We will place special emphasis on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Regiments of Indian Home Guards from Kansas.

Kansas City’s Vine Street Rumble Jazz Orchestra

The 14-member Vine Street Rumble Jazz Orchestra takes audiences back to the golden era of Kansas City jazz with amazing performances of Count Basie, Jay McShann, Bennie Moten, and others. The captivating history of Kansas City's world-wide legacy is both discussed and performed.

A Christmas Carol with Gerald Dickens, A Special Engagement

The great-great grandson of Charles Dickens is returning to MCPL for a special engagement. A professional actor in England, the energetic Gerald Dickens leaps, laughs, and sobs as he portrays the voices of "A Christmas Carol."

Genealogy Blogs

MGC Closed

The Midwest Genealogy Center is closed Tuesday, November 11th to Saturday, November 22nd. MGC staff will be working hard to convert all our materials to our radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging system.

Death of Black Leg

I love to look through newspaper databases for my ancestors because you never know what you will find. Recently, while searching for an obituary for an ancestor, I found an article titled “Death of Black Leg.” Maybe my ancestor was a pirate. I was curious, so I pulled up the article and read it. It turns out, he was a horse breeder, and his horse, Black Leg, had been poisoned and died. The article read like an obituary, and I had to keep reminding myself that it was a horse and not a person. His “parents” were listed as Hob Roy and Tibbie.

Excelsior Springs Haunted Haven

Since my home town is Excelsior Springs, MO., I was intrigued when I came across the book, Excelsior Springs Haunted Haven by Janet R. Reed, at the Midwest Genealogy Center. As we near Halloween, this book is a perfect choice if you like spooky ghost stories set in a historic small town.

A Furrrmily Tradition

I love cats. Growing up, my family always had at least one cat as a pet. My dad loved to tell stories of cats that his family had when he was a kid. The stories were great, and my favorite ones were about a cat named Rocky. I always thought it was cool that he had cats for pets growing up like I did.

Using Google to Get into Books

Genealogists are fortunate nowadays that many books have been digitized and are searchable online (whether or not they are available for free online). We can use this to our advantage to discover what may be in the extensive genealogy collection held by the Midwest Genealogy Center.

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