Columbia Gazetteer

Trying to locate a town, river, or mountain range? Use this searchable gazetteer containing the names, descriptions, and characteristics of over one hundred sixty-five thousand places in the world.


LegalTrac includes articles from 1980 to the present. Although the content in this database is also available through the Academic OneFile and/or General OneFile databases, this collection limits your search to publications specific to this topic.

National Geographic Kids

In this resource you will find the National Geographic Kids magazine 2009-present (3 month embargo), two hundred National Geographic Kids books, and five hundred kid-friendly, downloadable images.

NoveList K plus 8

Need help finding good books to read? Novelist K-8 helps kids and young teens do just that! Use your favorite books and authors to find new adventures! If you can't think of a book you've liked in the past, simply choose a topic of interest and explore lists of recommended books.

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