Teens Create

Teens Create Art

MCPL loves to offer teens the opportunity to create - including create art. Take a look at what some of MCPL's teens have made.

MCPL has hosted several Cover It Up contests where teens get to remake their favorite book covers. Check out all of the winning pictures, or see all of the entries on our Facebook page.

Some branches host local contests too, check with your branch to see what they're doing!

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
Alissa C., Blue Springs South

Dead Girls Don't Write Letters
Tatyana T., Lee's Summit

Death Note
Josephine K., Grandview

Kaylee C., Colbern Road

Hannah W., Buckner

Infinite Crisis
Alton S., South Independence

Kailie S., Blue Springs North

Looking for Alaska
Christina P., Boardwalk

She Walks in Beauty
Alyssa H., Lee's Summit

How to Train Your Dragon
Sarah F., Buckner

Teens Create Stories

MCPL encourages teens to write. See the most recent teen writings here. These are from our 2014 Divergent FanFiction contest. You can also browse all of the contest entries.
The Lost are not Forgotten -  Sarah B., North Oak

Tobias was never understood correctly. This is his story, this is how he finds the lost and remembers the forgotten.

Plot Twist -  Jillian D., Blue Springs South

Caleb has made a decision no body would suspect he would do. Tris falls for the wrong guy leaving Tobias in the dust. Edwards past comes...

Betrayal -  Sophia S., Lee's Summit

Ever since the day she learned about factions Christina has had a great desire to be a Dauntless member, that means leaving Erudite....

In the Days Before -  Taylor L., Woodneath Library Center

Days before the choosing ceremony and before the test, Tris and Four meet. This meeting ultimately alters Fours decision to become a...

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