Natalie Prior's Story

This is the story of Natalie Prior, loving mother of Caleb and Beatrice Prior, and caring wife of Andrew Prior.
Let her sacrifice not be in vain and may we follow in her footsteps of self-sacrifice and boldness.

Natalie was born Dauntless. Child of Griffith and Rohan, she was Dauntless down to the marrow her bones. She excelled in shooting and knife throwing, and was an amazing fighter who could beat boys two years older and even some others. A bull’s-eye shot was nothing to Natalie and paintball was a walk in the park. Her team always won, thanks to her valuable strategy skills and bravery. There was nothing in her way of becoming a Dauntless leader.

Four months after her sixteenth birthday, the aptitude tests were to be administered. Natalie was positive her test would tell her that she was Dauntless. When she got her results, they did come out as Dauntless, just as she had expected.

When the Choosing ceremony came, she was one of the last in line to choose what faction she would be a part of.

She stood tall, not letting the nervousness get to her. When she got to the front, she bravely cut her pointer finger, not even wincing at the sharp pain that shot up her finger, and welled the blood up, ready to drop it into the fiery coals. But, the memory of her best friend and her dream to be both fierce, honest, kind, smart, and selfless that lead to her death, rushed through her mind.

She was doing this for Iris and nothing would stand in her way.

Iris was Natalie’s best friend. They would have done anything for each other. Iris did just that. Natalie and Iris both were bold children. They grew up together since they were infants and were inseparable. They were neighbors and could have been sisters. When they were about 10, as they were born in the same year, they wanted to be more than just bold and fearless. Iris was more passionate than Natalie but she still had the spark in her.
At first, it was just girl talk about being kind, smart, and bold. Then, they really did want these things and tried to be as honest as they could. Being selfless was hard for them too and that’s what got Iris in trouble.
Iris was trying to be selfless like the Abnegation for a week. She saw a boy sitting near the edge of the chasm and walked over to help him as an Abnegation would do. She sat next to him and asked him what was wrong and if she could help. He stared coldly at her and walked away.

Later, when Natalie and Iris were having their secret meeting that night, the boy or someone he told, followed the girls and heard them talking in hushed tones and overheard them talking about being like all the factions instead of just one. Dauntless guards stormed their dormitory and Natalie got away but Iris tripped just as Natalie was in the secret hatch in the wall and had to shut it before the guards came in.

The Dauntless guards didn’t know it was Natalie talking with Iris or where she was and when Iris refused to tell them, they took her to the Pit and called everyone over. They said that this was what happened to traitor and their kind in Dauntless and that they were going to make an example of her. They threw her down into the Pit and Natalie ran and ran, all the way to her mother’s quarters and cried on her shoulder. She mourned for the loss of a friend and for the cruelty and uncaring faces of the Dauntless.

However, the Dauntless guards made a big mistake. Instead of making thoughts of a rebellion stop, they just made them stronger. Instead of crumpling Natalie’s resolve to be like all the factions, it just made it burn within her like a fire. Her spark and finally caught and blazed within her with a burning passion.
Natalie was doing it for Iris, the friend she lost, and to have a chance to fulfill Iris’s dream.

At the last second, when she had these thoughts and memories in her head, she dripped her blood onto the gray stones of Abnegation.

The Dauntless were upset, for the sheer volume of their shouts was outrageous, and the Abnegation around her tried not to stare at her, but she was determined not to give up. Natalie filed out of the room, last, with the rest of the Abnegation and walked with them to their faction.

When she arrived, she and the other people who transferred to Abnegation, were given a list of good works and deeds they needed to fill out in order to be accepted. They had three months, more than enough time to complete the sheet of paper. Of course, they would have to extra so they were not being selfish by only doing things to be admitted into the faction.

They were dismissed to go out and start serving after dressing in the plain grey clothes that were the everyday apparel and Natalie put her hair up with help from another girl without a mirror to help. Natalie started down the streets, paying attention to everyone should they need help.

It was hard for her at first. She was not sure how to approach the couple who had spilled their groceries. But, she calmed her nerves and walked over, helping them pick up their food. They accepted her help but said nothing. After that, it was easier to help and before the month was up, Natalie was accepted into Abnegation.

Natalie blended in well and adjusted to the customs of the Abnegation. It was hard at first but she managed and soon it became routine. When she was older, around 20, she fell in love and married Andrew Prior, thus becoming Natalie Prior. Andrew helped her become naturally selfless and would probably not have made it as far as she did without him to guide her. We might not have even written her story if Andrew Prior did not act as her mentor and marry her.
Natalie was glad to finally be accepted as Abnegation but a small part of her was sad to let her old life go, but she was still Dauntless in her heart. Nothing could change that. 

Again, let us not forget Natalie Prior and may her memory live on not only in on not only in our hearts and minds, but through the people to come as this story is passed down from generation to generation for the hope for what is to come.

Brooke T.
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