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Espresso Book Machine

The Espresso Book Machine is a state-of-the-art device that prints, binds, and trims a paperback book in minutes. Choose from EspressNet's® catalog of over 3 million popular and public domain titles or bring your book in to become a published author.

Self-publishing appointments can be made by calling the Woodneath Library Center at 816.883.4900 or by emailing

What can you print?

Select a published book from the EspressNet® online catalog or print your own original content. Novels, cookbooks, collections of poems, blogs, or short stories, your completed NaNoWriMo novel, or even your own blank journal can be created using the Espresso Book Machine. You also can select a book from the EspressNet® online catalog to print.

  • Only paperback books can be printed. The books are bound with a perfect glue binding.
  • Your book can be between 4.5"x5" to 8"x10.5" in size and between 40 and 800 pages in length.
  • We can not accept pre-printed pages (electronic files are needed to print).
  • Book covers are printed in high-gloss color. Book interiors (including photos) will be printed in greyscale.

How much does it cost?

There is a flat fee of 10 dollars plus 5 cents per page charge, and local sales tax. For example, if you wanted to print a 100-page book, it would cost $16.37. You also have the option of printing a book from the EspressNet® On Demand catalog. Each book in the EspressNet® On Demand catalog of over 7 million books comes with its own price that includes royalties.

Payment must be processed before an item can be printed. Only debit/credit card or cash payment will be accepted. MCPL cannot accept checks for Woodneath Press fees.

More information about the Woodneath Press

  • Bulk orders of 50 books or more will receive %15 off.
  • Discounts are available for educational institutions and partner organizations.
How Much Does It Cost?
$10 a book
+ 5 cents per page
+ 9.1% local sales tax*
100-page book
$10.00 (flat fee)
+5.00 (5¢/page)
$15.00 (subtotal)
+1.37 (sales tax*)
$16.37 (total)
200-page book
$10.00 (flat fee)
+10.00 (5¢/page)
$20.00 (subtotal)
+1.82 (sales tax*)
$21.82 (total)



What do you need to bring to get printed?

Printing is done on an appointment-only basis. To start, there are two documents that are needed - a Book Block PDF (everything that goes between the front and back covers) and the Cover Sheet PDF of the front cover, back cover, and spine. For more detailed information, visit Espresso Book Machine Guide for Authors.

Will the Library add my book to the collection?

At this time, we do not have any specific plans to create a separate local author collection, but as the Story Center progresses, that may become an option. At this point, you are welcome to submit a copy of your book to our Collection Development Department to see if it meets our collection policy.

I need a book for school. Can you print it for me?

The Espresso Book Machine can access and print millions of titles, but not all titles may be available based on publisher policies. To see if the book you need is available, visit EspressNet® SelfServe For U.S. Publishers.

Have more questions?

You can review An Introduction to Printing with the Espresso Book Machine. Self-publishing appointments can be made by calling the Woodneath Library Center at 816.883.4900 or by emailing

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