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Power Check Device Program

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Power Check Device

Evergy has partnered with Mid-Continent Public Library and Kansas City Public Library to launch a new program called the Power Check Device program, which is aimed at helping customers become more energy efficient at home. Library customers can check out a Power Check Device, plug it into select appliances and electrical devices at home, and measure their energy use. 

The goal of this pilot program is to educate customers on the true energy use of electronic items in their homes. Users can then convert that energy use to dollars spent to see how they might be able to conserve unnecessary electricity use and potentially save money on utility bills. 

Reserve a Power Check Device

To learn more about the Power Check Device pilot program, visit

Please Note: Information shared on Evergy’s website will be stored and used by Evergy and will not be shared with Mid-Continent Public Library or Kansas City Public Library. No information from a customer’s library account will be shared with Evergy.

Power Check Device Disclaimer

Neither Evergy, Inc., its affiliates, or subsidiaries (collectively "Evergy") nor Mid-Continent Public Library or Kansas City Public Library ("Libraries”) is the manufacturer of the Kill A Watt meter, and Evergy and Libraries make no representation with respect to the Kill A Watt meter or its use, operation, improper application, or malfunction. Both Evergy and Libraries hereby disclaim any and all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Evergy and/or Libraries be responsible for any direct, special, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages of any nature or kind, whether in contract, warranty, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise related to the Kill A Watt meter or its use, operation improper application or malfunction.

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