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MCPL's Online Catalog


In 2017 Mid-Continent Public Library upgraded the online catalog to a new mobile-friendly catalog.

The online catalog allows you to search our materials, place holds on items, and manage your account. You can track your reading, create themed lists, review books, and share your recommendations within the Library community. You can opt to keep this information private if you choose.

You have multi-library catalog access!

Because the same software is used in neighboring Kansas City Public Library, Johnson County Library, and Olathe Public Library, you will be able to access the catalogs of all four libraries through a single interface (if you have library cards with those systems).

New Catalog FAQs

Can I take a class to learn more about the catalog?

MCPL trainers will be available to help you set up your new account in the online catalog, explain its features, and give you a tour of the new website. Register now for a Getting to Know Our New Catalog class at a branch near you.

Register for a class

How do I set up an online catalog account?

  1. Go to the catalog .
  2. Click the Log In / My MCPL button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Log in with your Access Pass number (Library card number) and PIN.
    • Your PIN is your birthdate in MMDDYYYY order.
  4. Verify your personal information.
  5. Create a username.
  6. Agree to the Terms of Service (click the checkbox).
  7. You do NOT have to change your PIN or use the username to log in.
  8. You can still use your Access Pass number (Library card number) and birthdate as your PIN to log in like before.

Register now!

I do not care to have others see what I am reading, listening to, or watching:

Others will not be able to see what you have checked out or on hold. When you add items to your Shelves and/or Lists, there is a possibility others can see these items, unless you make them private. If you selected a generic username, people will likely not be able to identify you anyway. However, you can make all of your selections private by following these steps:

  1. Access the catalog.
  2. Click the dropdown menu and select My Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Privacy and click My Shelves.
  4. Place a checkmark in the box next to: Automatically mark newly added items as private. Doing this will ensure all newly added items are only seen by you.
  5. Click My Feeds.
  6. Place a checkmark in the box next to: Mark your activity feed as private. Doing this will ensure all comments and rated items are only seen by you.
  7. To keep your themed lists private, checkmark Make this list private when you create the list.

I don’t mind others seeing some things on my lists, but I would like to keep others private:

  1. Go to the catalog.
  2. As you add a new item to a shelf, you will see a box at the top of your screen with Change to private in blue text. Clicking on that line ensures only you can see this item.
  3. If you change your mind about the visibility of a particular item on My Shelves, go to that shelf, click on the + Add Details dropdown and check or uncheck Keep this item private.
  4. You can create new Lists, which have the same privacy options.
  5. Any items from lists you have imported from the current catalog when you registered are already private. Follow #3 above to make this viewable by others.

How do I find out if the library has a book I want to check out?

  1. Use the online catalog to perform a basic search.
  2. At the top of the online catalog page between the Username button and the Main Menu is a search box.
  3. Use the Keyword option, or use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate option.
  4. Select Title and enter the title of the book in the search box.
    • You can also enter a title with Keyword selected.
  5. Search results display.
  6. Use the filters on the left to narrow your search results.
  7. An Example search:
    • Start with ‘Scotland’ keyword search.
    • Narrow to > Content: non-fiction > Topic: description and travel
  8. Use the For Later button to add one of the titles to your For Later shelf.

How do I see my account status?

  1. Log in with your account information.
  2. Click the blue Username button in the upper right corner.
  3. Select My Library Dashboard from the dropdown menu.
  4. On the left pane, your My Borrowing information displays.
  5. Click Checked Out for a list of your checked out items and due dates.
  6. Click On Hold for a list of items you have placed on hold and their status.
  7. Click Fees to see a list of fees and fines that have been assigned to your account.

Can I see my checked out items and holds?

  1. Go to the online catalog.
  2. From the Username dropdown menu Select My Library Dashboard
  3. My Borrowing at Mid-Continent Public Library displays your checked out and hold information.
    • Click Checked Out to display a list of your checked out items.
      • Items that are due soon display at the top of the list.
      • Physical and digital items are combined in your list.
      • Click XX Physical or XX Digital to display just those item types.
      • Click Renew link to Renew date due or use the checkmark boxes to renew multiple items at once.
      • Add items to your In Progress shelf by clicking the books icon to the right of the title.
    • Click On Hold to access your list of hold items.
      • Number of available holds are displayed in green
      • Holds are sorted in three sections: Ready now, Not ready, and Paused
      • Using the Pause link allows you to move up the list, but ensures the item does not come in before the date you select.
    • Click Fees to access the fee and payment section.
    • My Borrowing is never shared with anyone except you.

We look forward to receiving your feedback as you explore the MCPL online catalog! If you have questions, email us for assistance. If you have feedback about your online experience in the catalog, use the Submit Feedback option at the bottom of any page of the catalog.