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Social Media Advocate


Support the Library by Becoming a Social Media Advocate

The Mid-Continent Public Library invites you to participate in extending our reach into the community by becoming a Social Media Advocate or #MCPLadvocate. Help us raise awareness of the Library on social media and at the same time, raise the Library’s awareness of you, its supporter.

Become a Social Media Advocate

Becoming an MCPL advocate is a great way to volunteer for the Library and requires very little time. Simply sign up to receive #MCPLadvocate emails. The Library is active on several social media platforms. We’re organizing advocates across platforms through email. We’ll give you the scoop on Library programs and promotions and highlight relevant hashtags.

What We’re Asking Advocates to Do

In addition to reading #MCPLadvocate emails:

  • Add the Library on your favorite social media platforms.
  • Share, like, and comment on the Library’s posts to help us stay visible in our community.
  • Share your stories and what you love about the Library – maybe an upcoming event, a recent blog post, your favorite branch or what you're reading, watching and listening to.
  • Tag us in your posts (@mymcpl on Facebook, @mcplmo on Twitter and Instagram) and use the hashtag #MCPLadvocate
  • Share specific content about library promotions, events and resources and use certain hashtags when we encourage you to do so – for instance, tell others “I am an #MCPLadvocate” to show your support for the Library.

We understand that you have a busy life! Participate as much or as little as you are able. Every time you give a shout out to the Library, we appreciate your effort!

Apply to be an MCPL Social Media Advocate

Apply to be an MCPL Social Media Advocate

What platform(s) can you help us on?

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