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Blue Springs South Branch

Closing date: June 11, 2018

Reopening date: December 10, 2018

The Blue Springs South Branch, which temporarily closed for renovations on June 11, reopened on Monday, December 10, 2018. See renovation drawings

Reopening Events

Mobile Scavenger Hunt
January 11 - 18

Customers can also participate in the Blue Springs Branch Scavenger Hunt using the free GooseChase app beginning at 9:00 a.m. during the rededication event through Friday, January 11 through Friday, January 18. Participants can qualify for a $50 gift certificate from Blue Springs 8 Theatre


Your New Library Experience is Here!

The renovation of this branch is part of the first phase by Mid-Continent Public Library. This project is part of Library’s capital project made possible by funds from Proposition L. The architects are SAPP Design (Springfield, MO) and Helix Architecture and Design, Inc. (Kansas City, MO), and the construction firm for all projects is JE Dunn.

Renovation Enhancements:

The Blue Springs South Branch underwent significant changes during renovation, including the following:

  • New entry location and signage
  • New community room (cap. 140)
  • New collaboration rooms
  • New teen area
  • New furniture additions
  • New children's area
  • New reading lounge
  • New and updated public computers
  • New printer for public use
  • Updated children’s computers (AWEs)
  • New and improved Wi-Fi coverage and access
  • Landscape enhancements
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