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Monster Match

I am going to begin by saying that teaching writing is a challenge in our homeschool. It is banging-my-head-on-the-table-with-frustration challenging! I have two reluctant writers and one who seems to have been able to write complete, thoughtful, and expressive sentences since day one. Over the years, we have made progress and tried many writing activities. We enjoyed "monster match" the most, and I thought I would share the concept. 

MCPL's Bargain: More Bang for Your Buck

Many of you are bargain shoppers on an “Olympic” level. You know who you are; you always seem to find fantastic discounts on gently used curriculum, you clip coupons and multiply your savings, and you buy in bulk online with free shipping to boot! I am always impressed with my friends who are such savvy and frugal consumers. Don’t miss out on another great savings at Mid-Continent Public Library!  

I'm Bored!

Nine days into our summer break, my daughter came to me and said in her most dramatic tone, “Mom, I’m so bored!” I responded in my equally dramatic tone, “Seriously? You are kidding me, right?” I am also thinking, “It has only been nine days!”  

"I'm so bored" seems to come every year; its partners are bickering and the kids getting on each other’s nerves. When this happens, I ask them if they have checked anything off their bored list. Hopefully, some of the items on our bored list will spark some inspiration in your home if you are hearing "I’m bored," too.

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