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The Yay! Factor

Yay! Summer is almost over, and it’s about time to tackle another school year. Yes, I did say "yay!" About this time every summer, I start to miss the routine the school year brings. I am also anxious to dive into the new and exciting curriculum I purchased after pondering over the choices for months. Can anyone relate? The struggle is real my fellow homeschoolers…right?

Balanced Dewey Decimal Diet

Are you providing your students with a balanced Dewey Decimal diet? I am challenging my children to read at least one book from each Dewey Decimal category for the Summer Learning Program. We will also take time this summer to review where each specific section is shelved at our local MCPL branch.

Traveling The Underground Railroad

My family had the honor and privilege of experiencing the mesmerizing storytelling of Brother John at MCPL’s Lee's Summit Branch. Brother John brought the Underground Railroad to life in a way that totally captured our senses. We literally felt the weight of the chains used to shackle human beings like animals. We heard songs that contained code for the daring escapes.

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