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Early Learners

Early Literacy

Get tips on how to prepare your child to learn to read.


Storytimes have a variety of benefits for kids of all ages.

Kindergarten Readiness Series

Our Kindergarten Readiness Storytime Series will start soon! Check back soon for more information.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Hearing books being read gives kids a great start to learning to read. Track your books to reach 1000 books.

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Award Winning Books!

Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award Nominees

Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award Winners

Get Every Child Ready to Read!

  • Narrative Skills: Encourage your child to describe things and events in books. Help them to pretend and be a storyteller.
  • Letter Knowledge: Show your child that letters are different from each other, they have different names and sounds.
  • Print Awareness: Help your child to notice print everywhere. Help them to hold a book, turn pages, and follow the words on a page.
  • Vocabulary: Teach your child the specific names of things. What kind of vegetable, what kind of dog, what kind of flower, etc.
  • Print Motivation: Find books with pictures and words that appeal to your child. Pictures with children, moveable, texture, bright colors, etc.
  • Phonological Awareness: Help your child hear the smaller sounds in words. Through songs, rhymes, and games, help them break down the words.

This information is from a joint project of the American Library Association and the Public Library Association. For more information, visit Every Child Ready to Read .

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