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Midwest Genealogy Center

Midwest Genealogy Center

3440 S. Lee's Summit Road
Independence, MO 64055

Genetic and Medical Genealogy

International genealogist Kathleen Brandt started her family search because of a rare autoimmune disorder. A former member of the KU Hospital Genealogy Advisor team, Brandt will share how you can become your own health advocate by charting your family's medical genealogy.  Please note: this is a not a medical presentation, but one more phase toward gathering family and ancestral data.

How to Date Old Photographs

Get tips on using items in the photograph, as well as the photograph itself, to determine the time period in which it was taken. Bring in one or two photographs for our team to help you date. This is a beginner-level class.

Just days before Thanksgiving, did your children text you and…
I love the holiday season, and my own holiday wish list often…
My kids remind me all the time that as a genealogist, I talk…
Upcoming Events
Midwest Genealogy Center
Sat, Dec 15, 2018 - 2:00pm
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Genealogy Research

Use one of our online databases to search censuses, newspapers, vital records, and more.

Family Forms

MGC has a collection of printable forms to help in your family history research.

Online Learning

Start your genealogy journey with our getting started video.

Genealogy Quick Look

Search indexes for MGC resources and the US Railroad Retirement Board.


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