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Professional Genealogists

The reference staff of the Midwest Genealogy Center cannot do extensive genealogical research for patrons. If you are unable to visit the Library in person, or if you need searches in other records, you may wish to employ someone to do research for you.

The following researchers have expressed a willingness to conduct research for hire and have asked to be placed on this list. It should be clearly understood that the list is provided as a service for your convenience and does not constitute an endorsement by the Library.

If mailing, we suggest you enclose a legal-size self-addressed, stamped envelope with your initial inquiry. The Friends of the Missouri State Archives, PO Box 242, Jefferson City MO 65102 also provides a list of researchers.

Cami Mayer


I do the legwork of genealogy (versus internet research).  I search in a perimeter around Kansas City in courthouses, town newspapers, local museums/historical societies, and antique stores to find hard copy photos and documents.  I can do further distance road trips with overnight travel costs factored in. 

Christl Webster

Specialities: European/U.S. history, especially German and Austrian; read old German script.
(816)224-3346 / (816)786-4939

Christl is a native of Vienna, Austria. She has a Ph.D. in History from the University of Vienna. Christl came to the U.S. on a Fulbright scholarship and obtained an M.A. in American History from UMKC. Professionally, she has been working as translator/PR at Bayer Corporation, and as an analyst at Shook, Hardy & Bacon. Christl is proficient in Spanish. She also works with several translation agencies on a freelance basis. In addition, Christl performs genealogy research for clients with a focus on German church registers dating to the 17th century.

Claire V. Brisson-Banks, Timeless Genealogies

Specialties: US, UK, Canada, brick wall solutions
14608 E 41st St. S.
Independence, MO 64055

Claire Brisson-Banks, BS, MLIS, AG® is an international & national lecturer, researcher, author, owner, and CEO of Timeless Genealogies, a provider of ancestral research services. Her ICAPGen Accreditations are for England and the Mountain States with over 30 years of expertise in genealogy and family history covering technology, social media, U.S., Canadian, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brick-walls, and involving the youth. She is a Grand Canyon University doctorate learner. You can learn more at

Denise Gripp, Family History Specialist (DBA Ever-After Enterprises)

Specialties: An innate knack for finding that needle in a haystack! Specializes in records/resources/research for/in Iowa and its contiguous states; large and small research requests welcomed; timely service and reasonable rates.
500 S. Freeman St.                                   
Indianola, IA 50125       

With over 30 years of research experience, Denise is well-equipped to solve your most pressing research problem. “Brick wall” solutions are her main forte. She is proud to having succeeded in two out of the two adoption projects she has been blessed with. Some of Denise’s more interesting projects include working with a Wattisham Airforce Base Museum curator from the U.K. in his endeavor to find family members of fallen U.S. airmen from World War II; he is attempting to memorialize each and every soldier whose “dog tag”  has been found on the premises.  

Denise served as the Vice President of the Iowa Genealogical Society for two years and is currently a member of their Education Committee.  She has also served as MW Regional Coordinator of the Association of Personal Historians.  Her past experience has also included a two-year stint with in serving as an “expert” in their now-defunct ExpertConnect program.

Denise’s strong Midwestern work ethic has served her well over the years; please visit her website for her ever-growing list of “testimonials.”  Research and road trips (“R&R”) are Denise's two greatest passions!

Geoff Gentilini


Geoff specializes in genealogical and military records research at state and national archives. He offers affordable, personalized options for researching your family history, whether you need a simple record search or a more extensive investigation. Comprehensive, written reports are offered for all research projects, allowing you to document and preserve your family history for future generations. Geoff’s qualifications include an M.A. in History, a Certificate in American Genealogical Studies from the National Genealogical Society, and membership with the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Gina Boucher, Peripheral View Legacy

Specialties: Family history research, “cousins” research, U.S research, Italian and Irish immigrants, DNA analysis.

Gina is a professional genealogist and experienced communications specialist located in Jackson County, Missouri. She is passionate about connecting people to their heritage and helping them share their family stories.

Gina has researched early American families and immigrants who arrived at Ellis Island and other ports of entry into the U.S. She enjoys following family history “across the pond” to determine immigrants’ hometowns and villages and identifying a family’s first member to arrive in the Americas.

Gina holds a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and is a graduate of ProGen 53. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the National Genealogy Society.

Heidi Powell Taylor, Professional Genealogist, A Positive Genealogy

Specialties: Brick Wall Research, DNA Analysis, Adoption, African-American, Great Lakes Region
1802 Devonshire Place
Independence, MO 64057

Heidi has always enjoyed family history and research and is thrilled to be able to help others finding their family bloodlines. With over 30 years of experience and running a genealogy business for over a decade, she understands her customers’ needs. Owner of A Positive Genealogy, DNA analysis, Adoption/DNA researcher, Genealogy KC Brick Wall class instructor 2018, Kansas City Irish Festival genealogy volunteer, former board member of the Jackson County Genealogy Society, DAR/SAR Application Assistance
Cash, Credit and Paypal

Joan F Wagner, So Many Ancestors…So Little Time

Specialties: Family research, mentoring, teaching
6029 Broadmoor Street, #2314
Mission, Kansas 66201

Are you new to family research? Don’t know where to begin? Had your DNA tested, but are unsure how to make use of the information. Joan has over 20 years experience in research and can help you trace and find your ancestors.

You control how much research, mentoring, and teaching she does. Before beginning any work, a clearly written game plan will be created outlining a set of specific goals and costs, supplying a better understanding of the scope of your project. This game plan will be provided free of charge. Need or want more information, email or call. So Many Ancestors is here for you.

Katherine Schober


With more than a decade of experience professionally translating German to English, I love helping clients like you discover the fascinating lives of their German ancestors. Deciphering the old handwriting and finding the perfect words to unlock the secrets of your family letters, diaries, and records – as well as teaching you how to do it yourself with classes, books, and more – is something I truly enjoy. I look forward to hearing from you.

Laurie Hermance-Moore, MLS, Accredited Genealogist®

Columbus, OH

With 30 years’ research experience, Laurie serves individuals with family history research and law firms with forensic genealogy services.  Her specialties include solving difficult problems in the 1800s and migration through the Midwest.  She is accredited in genealogy research for US Midwest states through the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGenSM), which includes the states of Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.  She is a native of Springfield, Missouri but currently lives in Ohio, and has traced her own ancestors and client families throughout the Midwest.  Laurie is a speaker for the Ohio Genealogical Society and the National Genealogical Society, and holds a bachelors in US History from the University of Kansas and a masters in library science from the University of Alabama. 

Legacy Tree Genealogists

Specialties: genetic genealogy; U.S. research; European research; LDS; immigration; German transcription; family biographies; personal histories; Canada; old English handwriting; genealogical Latin; Native American; African American; Russia; Mandarin Chinese; DNA; Latin records; classical, medieval, and Renaissance prosopography; South Africa; Eastern European languages including Cyrillic script; military records
50 W. Broadway, Suite 303                         
Salt Lake City, UT  84101    

Nina Gafni, Trancestral Language Services, LLC

1311 Ozkan St.
McLean, VA 22101

Nina Gafni is a French, German, and Italian to English translator and interpreter, and language coach with over 15 years’ experience as an in-house linguist and project manager in the private sector and for the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. She holds an MA in International Economics and European Studies and a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University. She specializes in transcription and translation. Areas of interest include legal, financial, pharmaceutical, music, art, and genealogy (particularly French, German, Italian and Ashkenazic Jewish).

Richard Holt: Holt’s Family History Research

Specialities: UK Research, Research in UK Archives, Brick Walls, DNA Research 

Cambridgeshire, UK
phone: +447983633023
instagram: @holtsfamilyhistoryresearch 

Richard has 20 years of experience researching UK genealogies. His client testimonials show that he is able to deliver quality results and solve long standing brick walls. To view these please visit his Facebook page. 

Richard is able to visit a number of UK archives in London and elsewhere carrying out original research or document copying requests. He has extensive knowledge of documents available beyond civil registration and parish records. 

Ricki King, Roots to Branches Genealogy, LLC

Specialties: Midwest research, Probate research, U. S. research
950 65th St
Windsor Heights, IA 50324

Ricki King is a forensic genealogist and historian located in Iowa who does US research. Her focus is on the Midwest and probate research. She will provide a written report of her research. Ricki is a certificate holder in Boston University's Genealogical Research program, has a BA in History, completed Progen, and continues to further her education. In addition, she has written for National Genealogical Society Quarterly, has been a presenter for the Iowa History 101 Series, Iowa Genealogical Society Conference, and at local public libraries.

In the Spring/Summer of 2021, during COVID, she worked with local, state, and federal agencies to help Woodland Cemetery in Des Moines, Iowa, become part of the National Park Service's National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom on 30 September 2021.

Sharlene Miller

Specialties: Midwest, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, probate, land records, census, military records and pension files
20788 Orchard Lane
St. Joseph, MO 64505

Sharlene is an experienced genealogist whose research focus is in Midwestern States including Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota, and Michigan. She also has research experience in other states including Oklahoma, Colorado, Montana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina. She has been conducting genealogical research for more than 30 years. As most people do, she started learning about genealogical research by working on her family's history and then branched out to research her husband's family. She later started helping others with their genealogical research. Sharlene has been certified with the Board of Certification for Genealogists since 2002. She completed the NGS course "American Genealogy: A Basic Course" and has taken a genealogy course from Brigham Young University. Sharlene is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, National Genealogical Society, Missouri State Genealogical Association, Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society, Southwest Pennsylvania Genealogy Society, and Western Pennsylvania Genealogy Society.

Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG, Lind Street Research

Specialties: German genealogy, reads German church records (in German script)
416 Lauder Lane
Inverness, IL 60067

Teresa is a Certified Genealogist SM who specializes in German-American and Midwest research, as well as reading German script. She has been interested in genealogy since she was a child and currently has many pleased clients. She presents quality genealogical lectures for local societies and national conferences.

Unlock Your History

Unlock Your History focuses on both translation and genealogy, with a Germanic emphasis. With a Ph.d. in Germanic linguistics and over 25 years of translation expertise, Stefan specializes in the old hand-writing from centuries past in German, Danish, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian. He's experienced in translating from the 17th century to today.

Pamela delves into the genealogy with most of her experience focusing on Germanic and British roots in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. Together she and Stefan work to help people unlock what's in their family history with a particular emphasis on helping people understand the context behind their family documents and stories.

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