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22nd Annual Kansas City Storytelling Celebration

22nd annual storytelling celebration kansas city: listen to our stories, hear the world

For 22 years, the Kansas City Storytelling Celebration has brought nationally- and regionally-known storytellers to libraries, schools, day cares, community centers, and assisted living centers to ignite interest in the art of sharing stories—from the mythical to the personal—to people of all ages.

This year, Mid-Continent Public Library has created a virtual celebration, November 3-6, to continue this tradition through online resources and social media platforms. The 2021 Kansas City Storytelling Celebration will conclude on Saturday, November 6 with a day of virtual storytelling workshops and concerts.

If you are interested in hosting a virtual storytelling program for your school, classroom, community or care center, please fill out the request form to receive a private YouTube link for a virtual program. Links to programming will be valid from November 3-17. (Links will be sent out beginning Nov. 2)

Please feel free to share the link to this form with others in your organization. If you have questions, please email

2021 KC Storytelling Celebration

No upcoming events found.

Storytelling Celebration School/Organization Playlist Programs

Request access to the Storytelling Celebration Playlist

Search by age group below for the programs featured on the playlist. Links will be sent out beginning Nov. 2.

All Ages/Family Programs

2021 KC Storytelling Celebration: Oodles of Noodles, Celestial Sisters and Seven Silly Fellows  

Join the Eth-Noh-Tec Ensemble for a collection of stories, legends, and folktales from across Asia that combine words with synchronized movement. Recommended for all ages. 

2021 Storytelling Celebration: Popcorn, Pumpkins, & Secret Ambitions

Settle in with storyteller Carol Birch as she brings to life a set of tales with a hint of autumn and Halloween spice and pop. Recommended for all ages.

2021 KC Storytelling Celebration: ¡Vive el Cuento!  Live the Story!

Join storyteller Leeny Del Seamonds for stories and songs featuring precocious creatures and joyful families in not just one but two languages! Recommended for all ages.

Preschool Programs

2021 Storytelling Celebration: Let's Laugh A LOT!

Time for some silly stories and songs from storyteller Heather Harlan. Sing a song about ketchup and join in the story about the Monkey and Two Cats. Sometimes you just need to get giggling! Recommended for preschoolers.

2021 Storytelling Celebration: Celebrate Fall 

Join storyteller Larita “Ms. W” Wright for a bushel of fun fall songs, stories, and fingerplay, including the House Without a Door and more. Recommended for preschoolers.

K-2nd Grade Programs

2021 Storytelling Celebration: Just Like the Olden Days

Before television and computers, people entertained themselves with stories. Imagine you and your family around a campfire while storyteller Heather Harlan shares tales and songs that have been told since the "olden days." Recommended for K-2nd grade.

2021 Storytelling Celebration: Three Billy Goats, An Angry Turkey, and a Big Old Ugly Thing

Join storytellers Papa and Jackie Wright for their take on three classic fairy tales—Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Turkey and the Mayor, and Boney Fingers. Jackie tells the stories while Papa keeps the beat. Recommended for K-2nd grade.

2021 Storytelling Celebration: It’s Time for Fun Fall Festivities 

Join storyteller Larita “Ms. W” Wright for a heap of autumn-themed songs, stories, and activities, including The Little Old Lady That Wasn’t Afraid of Anything and more. Recommended for K-2nd grade.

Elementary Grades Programs

2021 KC Storytelling Celebration: Great Stories for Young Folks

Join storyteller Mitchell “Gran’daddy Junebug“ Capel for a motivational mixture of poetry and collective tales—some from his own life— exploring self-esteem. Recommended for K-5th grade.

2021 KC Storytelling Celebration: Tales of a True Friend, a Ghostly Visitor, and a Trip to the Graveyard

Storyteller Deb Swanegan tells about the time Brer Rabbit was a true friend, a tales of how a ghostly visitor saved the day, and how she might have snuck out one night to a graveyard. Recommended for 3rd-8th grade.

2021 Storytelling Celebration: Jackals, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Join storyteller Ric Vice for a selection of his favorite folktales—from Missouri to India—featuring many animal characters who speak to children with humor, action, and positive language. Recommended for 2nd-5th grade.

2021 Storytelling Celebration: Tales of a Clever Cook, a Fast Fox, and a Clingy Coffin

Join storytellers Papa and Jackie Wright for their take on three classic tales—Clever Gretel, Proud Fox, and Stop the Coffin! From silly tales to the “fun” kind of scary, Jackie tells the stories while Papa keeps the beat. Get ready for a fun time! Recommended for 3rd-5th grade.

2021 Storytelling Celebration: The Folksongs and Stories from the Ozark Hills

Get ready for a rip-roarin’ fun time with storytellers and musicians Mike and Nancee Micham and learn a thing or two about the culture of the Ozarks Hills at the same time. Recommended for 3rd-6th grades.

Middle School Programs

2021 Storytelling Celebration: Folk Tales and Folk Legends

Join storyteller Ric Vice for a selection of true tales that must be heard to be believed as well as folktales with a modern slant. Recommended for 6th-8th grades.

(also see programs above for more selections)

Adults Programs

2021 Storytelling Celebration: The Ozarks in Song and Story

Discover the culture of the Ozark region through folksongs and stories told by storytellers and musicians Mike and Nancee Micham. Learn about life in the Ozarks, the music of the early pioneers, and the meaning behind the music. For adults

2021 KC Storytelling Celebration: A Freedom Ride and a Haunted Journey 

Join storyteller Deb Swanegan as she tells the story of a modern day pilgrimage to the Underground Railroad and the tale of a haunted trip on the Doodlebug train. For adults

Featured Storytellers

Carol Birch

Mitch Capel “Gran'daddy Junebug”

Leeny del Seamonds

Eth-Noh-Tec Ensemble

Heather Harlan

Mike and Nancee Micham

Deb Swanegan

Ric Vice

LaRita Wright

Papa and Jackie Wright

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