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Moonlight Ascent (MCPL360)

Wed, Jul 19 2023
2:00pm - 3:00pm Central
Virtual Branch
Age Group
For adults


Sarah Poff
Virtual Event


Let artist Sarah Poff guide you in capturing a serene summer evening as the moon ascends and the light hits the garden flowers. You’ll be able to finish this painting within an hour. Materials needed: Paint (acrylic, tempera, or watercolor in red, yellow, blue, black, and white), background to paint on (watercolor paper, illustration board, poster board, masonite boards, or canvas), masking tape, brushes (several sizes), a blow dryer, water, paper towels, silver and gold markers, a pencil, and a black Sharpie. Registration is required. To enjoy this virtual program, go to our MCPL360 Facebook page at at the scheduled day and time.


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